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Pioneer Experience offers fun, practical welcome to college life

Orientation prepares students, parents for transition

July 2010

For students headed to Point Park this fall, the University’s Pioneer Experience orientation offers a fun yet practical welcome to college life, covering details from what to bring to how to get around.

For parents and families, orientation provides answers to questions, comfort to worries, and confidence that their students will survive, thrive and call home to tell about it.

In comments and videos, students and families describe how Pioneer Experience helps prepare the whole family for college.  Add your own feedback on our Facebook page.

Student comments about Pioneer Experience

“I loved every part of my time at Point Park last week.  It was absolutely nothing like the typical orientations I've heard about from all of my other friends. Everyone on campus was extremely friendly and helpful as well as energetic and enthusiastic. The orientation leaders were honest about the questions asked and made me so excited to come back in the fall.  The entire program was a lot of fun and I wanted to thank everyone involved for going far above & beyond in planning the event. It was fantastic!!


“Everything was planned so well and there were so many helpful students and staff members around to answer any questions anyone could have had.”



“(The dinner tour of campus) was one of the best meals I have ever had! I have been telling all of my friends and family how nice this was. One of the best parts was being able to see what different foods each section of Pittsburgh had to offer. It was nice for people who live out of state to be able to get a taste of everything Pittsburgh has.”


“The Orientation Leaders were honestly some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. We all commented on how we felt like we knew them forever when in reality we just met them that day. They made us feel like we were extremely special, and made us feel comfortable fitting right in with everyone else that was there.”


“Each and every one of the Orientation Leaders was enthusiastic and energetic. They were all so friendly and helpful with everything. All of them seemed genuinely happy to be there and their energy was contagious. I loved the entire experience. All of my friends hated their orientations, but I loved every part of the Pioneer Experience; it was a blast.”

Parent comments about Pioneer Experience

“This was our 4th child going to college and was best orientation we have had. Her 3 brothers we dropped off at school and gave a hug and said bye. This (orientation) got students and parents excited for school year.”


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“From the moment we arrived, everything ran very smoothly, yet there was also a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  Like many parents, I came with my long list of questions and you and your staff not only happily answered them all - you anticipated many of them before I even asked.  Most importantly, I was impressed with the mindset behind the program. It is reassuring to know that you care enough about the students to recognize that for them, the experience was truly about being truly introduced to Point Park, COPA and other students and faculty in that program. It was about alleviating their concerns and helping them to feel good about their choice.  (My daughter) texted me during that first day and said ‘I love it here - this is where I belong!’  I think that says it all.  Again, my thanks to you and your staff for a stellar program.”


“The sessions were quite informative, and the presenters were very impressive, pleasant, and knowledgeable about their topics. I felt all questions were answered satisfactorily, and the discussions went well. I truly felt welcomed and am now more confident (and relieved) that our student will be safe and have excellent opportunities to grow and learn at Point Park.”


“These students (the orientation leaders) were a large part of my relief about my son attending a school so far from home and about which we knew so little. And from what he told us about his experience, they made him feel welcome and comfortable as well. If these young men and women are any indication of what the rest of the student body (or at least the conservatory) is like, I have no doubt that he will have the support he needs to make this transition and quickly form new and lasting friendships.”


“I hope my daughter's college experience will be as great as the weekend was.”