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Online Writing Tutoring/PAS

Online Tutoring for Writing Assignments

Online Writing Tutoring through the Program for Academic Success provides feedback for specific questions and concerns.  The student using online writing tutoring should be prepared to engage in a dialogue with a professional tutor via online submission. PAS does not edit or proofread student papers.

Get the Most out of Online Writing Tutoring

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to write your paper. You want to allow yourself enough time to get a response from the tutor and, if necessary, ask further questions and get additional responses.
  • Response time will be within 48 hours.
  • Explain your assignment as fully as possible. The more the tutor knows about what you are working on, the more the tutor can help you. You have the option of attaching your assignment handout. You must attach your writing assignment as a Word file.
  • Expect to be an active participant in the tutoring process. It is your assignment. The tutor is simply providing feedback for your questions.

How to Use Online Writing Tutoring

Online writing tutoring support is accessed exclusively through PointWeb.

Follow this process to submit your request and attach your document:

  • Log in to PointWeb>
  • Click on Academic Resources>
  • Click on Program for Academic Success>
  • Click on Writing Tutor Request>

The form will now be viewable.

Complete the form, attach your document(s), and click submit.

You will receive feedback within 48 hours of your online writing submission.

If you have questions, please contact Catherine Houghton, choughton@pointpark.edu, 412-392-3877.