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Student Health Center

Getting Healthy, Keeping Healthy

Student Health Center

203 Thayer Hall
Phone: 412-392-3800
Fax: 412-392-3801

Heather Capo, RN, A.D.N.   Coordinator, Student Health Center Email:  hcapo@pointpark.edu

Health Center Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Physician Hours:
Monday – Friday
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Doctor appointments must be scheduled through the Campus Nurse.

The Student Health Center is dedicated to helping students when they don’t feel well — but we’re also here to help students achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We sponsor a variety of health and wellness programs throughout the year (like the yearly Wellness Fair) to help students and address the changing health care needs and concerns of the University community. All students may receive health care through the Student Health Center.

Visiting the Nurse
Seeing a Doctor
Health Records
Requesting Special Consideration in the Residence Halls
Student Health Insurance

Visiting the Nurse

The nurse provides:

  • first aid intervention
  • illness and injury assessment
  • starter doses of over-the-counter medication
  • health screenings (e.g., blood pressure checks, height and weight measurements)
  • community health referrals
  • physician appointments
  • health education resource materials

If you want to see the school doctor, you must first contact or visit the Student Health Center. They will make a doctor’s appointment for you. Students cannot schedule school doctor appointments on their own.

Location of UPMC Downtown

Point A is Point Park University.
Point B is the Downtown UPMC facility.
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Seeing a Doctor

Students are also eligible for physician office visits (Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) at no charge. Costs for additional services, such as x-rays and laboratory testing, are the responsibility of the student and are not included in the school doctor visit.

Appointments must be made through the Student Health Center. Be sure to contact the Student Health Center or see the nurse well in advance. Doctor's appointment are held at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center facility located at 339 Sixth Ave. in downtown Pittsburgh (see map at right).

If needed, both CVS and Rite Aid have pharmacies within walking distance of campus.

Student Health Records

All students must have a completed Student Health Record (PDF), including complete immunization documentation, on file in the Student Health Center. This will help us to assist you if needed — from this form we’ll know if you have any allergies, medical conditions, or other health concerns. Submit completed Student Health Record forms to:

Student Health Center
Point Park University
201 Wood St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Failure to submit a completed Student Health Record with proper immunization documentation may result in the student's inability to register for classes.  To request a waiver of the immunization requirement, students must complete the Immunization Waiver form (PDF); submit the completed form to the Student Health Center.


The staff of the University's Student Health Center is bound by the medical ethics of confidentiality. Information provided will not be released to a third party, including parents, without the student's written authorization, unless legally required or permitted.  Students who wish to authorize the release of confidential health information must complete Release of Medical Information form (PDF) and return it to the Student Health Center.

Requesting Special Consideration in the Residence Halls for a Medical Condition

Students with a medical condition who live in the residence halls may request special consideration and adjustments to their living environment. To request special consideration, students must submit a completed Request for Special Consideration in the Residence Halls Release of Information form (PDF) and appropriate documentation to support their request (see the form for documentation guidelines). Submit the completed form and documentation to the Student Health Center.

Students with a disability under the ADA who wish to request residence hall accommodations should follow a separate process. Contact Matt Berwick, student success coordinator, disability services, at 412-392-8177 or mberwick@pointpark.edu, or consult the Disability Services website.

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