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Student Health Insurance

Make Sure Your Health Is Covered

Point Park University understands the importance of maintaining good health while you attend college, and we make it a priority that our campus be a place that is as beneficial to student bodies as it is to student minds.

For care involving the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, the University maintains the Student Health Center and the Student Counseling Center on campus. However, we realize that more serious medical situations may require care beyond the capabilities of on-campus health services — costly care such as emergency department visits, surgery, hospital stays and therapy visits. Without insurance, a serious illness or injury can result in bills totaling thousands of dollars that could place serious financial roadblocks in the way of a college education.

To safeguard against this type of situation, the University partners with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. This partnership offers a student health insurance plan that is not only affordable and easy to use, but includes benefits that far surpass those typically found in student insurance plans, including:

  • Preventive care
  • Coverage for all types of injuries, including sports and exercise injuries
  • Online tools to help you make informed care choices
  • Out-of-area coverage while traveling or during extended off-campus periods

We encourage you to consider the University's student health plan as a means of protecting yourself and your loved ones against unexpected medical expenses that could temporarily — or permanently — interrupt your college career. For more information about covered and non-covered services, in-network vs out-of-network coverage, deductibles, copays, etc., see the 2015-16 Student Health Plan Brochure.

Follow the links below to find specific aspects of insurance coverage:

Students Required to Have Insurance Coverage

Certain groups of students are required by University policy to have health insurance coverage; these students include:

  • Resident (students living on campus)
  • Dance and theatre majors (all concentrations)
  • International students
  • Student athletes (including cheerleading)

These students must enroll in, and pay the premiums for, the University's student health health plan, unless they have existing health insurance coverage that meets the requirements set forth by the University.  

A student who is required to have health insurance coverage and already has existing health insurance coverage that meets University requirements, who does not wish to enroll in the student health plan, must waive the student health plan coverage, or he/she will be enrolled in the student health plan and will be responsible for paying the cost of the premium.

Note:  International student athletes may not waive coverage under the student health plan, regardless of any other insurance coverage they may have.

Enrollment Eligibility

All full-time, registered, undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in the University's student health insurance plan. 

Dependents (spouse, children) of students are eligible to enroll in the plan, but the student must also enroll in the plan.

Coverage Dates and Enrollment Deadlines

Fall (Full Year) Enrollment:   Aug. 1, 2015, to July 31, 2016          Enrollment Deadline:  Sept. 30, 2015

Spring Only Enrollment:        Feb. 1, 2016, to July 31, 2016         Enrollment Deadline:  Jan. 31, 2016

Coverage does not begin until Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield receives the correct enrollment information and payment.

For late enrollment requests (enrollment after deadline) due to a qualifying event (loss of job/insurance, birth etc.) students are able to enroll in the plan within 30 days of the qualifying event. Proof of qualifying event is required. Please direct late enrollment requests to the Office of Student Affairs.

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the enrollment form.
  2. Mail the enrollment form and payment to the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield at the address on the enrollment form.

To enroll in person, take the completed enrollment form to a Highmark service center.


Payments are made directly to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • Check or money order payable to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (must be mailed with enrollment form)
  • Credit card payments may be able to be made at Highmark locations only. It is highly recommended that you contact the Highmark location prior to your visit to make sure they can accept a credit card.
  • Cash is not accepted.

Premium may be paid in one or two payments: 

  • Full payment with the enrollment form or,
  • Pay the first half of the full-year premium with the enrollment form and the other half by Jan. 31. Highmark will send an invoice for the balance due.

Charges may not be posted to the student’s Point Park student account. 

Using Point Park student account refunds to pay insurance premiums: Point Park student account refunds are issued per University policy.  

Highmark Service Centers

Service centers can assist with enrollment, payments, and questions about claims and benefits. If enrolling, take the completed enrollment form and payment with you. 

Forms of payment accepted include check or money order.  Contact the service center for more information about credit card acceptance.  Cash is not accepted.

Pittsburgh Service Center
Penn Avenue Place
501 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA  15222

Johnstown Service Center
1 Pasquerilla Plaza
Johnstown, PA 15901

Erie Service Center
717 State St.
Erie, PA  16501

Service Center Information (for all service centers)
Hours:    Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone:   800-816-5527

(Click on Customer Service under Additional Links at the bottom of the page)

Enrollment Confirmation and Identification Cards

Once Highmark receives an application, and it is keyed into their system, it takes about 7-10 days to receive the ID card via U.S. mail. The card will be mailed to the address provided on the enrollment application. ID cards may also be viewed online.

If you have already registered with the site previously, log in with your username and password.

If you have never used the site before, you must register first. This needs to be done on a laptop or desktop computer; do not try to register on the mobile website. 

  • On the main page, in the upper right-hand corner, click “Register,” then enter your member information
    • Tell us about yourself: Choose “I am a member just registering”
    • Member ID: Enter your Social Security number, since you don’t know your Highmark ID number yet.
    • First & last name, date of birth, street address, city, zip code: All must match the information on the enrollment form you submitted to Highmark, or it may not recognize you.
    • Relationship to Policyholder: If you are the student, choose “self;” otherwise, choose the appropriate relationship
    • Email and phone number:  Enter the applicable information; this does not need to match your enrollment form.
    • To view the ID card:  Once logged in, click the “ID” icon to the far right of the “Welcome … ” message. You can fax or print the ID card, report it stolen, or order a new ID card, all from this page.
    • ID cards may also be viewed on Highmark’s mobile website once you are registered on the full website.

If you are unable to register, this is because either the information you entered does not match the information on file, or your enrollment form has not yet been processed. 

If you believe enough time has elapsed to allow for your enrollment form to be processed, and you are unable to register, please call Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-866-602-1248 (reference Point Park University group #017242-02) or the Office of Student Affairs.

Waive (Decline) Student Health Plan

Students who are not required to have health insurance are not required to waive out of the plan.

Students who are required to have health insurance per University policy must enroll in the student health plan.  Students may be able to waive (decline) the plan if covered under another comparable health insurance plan.  

For the 2016 spring semester, in order to waive (decline) the student health plan, students will need to successfully complete the waiver form (pdf).  This form may also be obtained in person from the Office of Student Affairs, 706 Student Center.

The process consists of answering questions about your current health insurance coverage to see if it qualifies as a comparable plan, providing contact and insurance information, and a copy of your insurance card (front and back).

Students who are unable to successfully complete the waiver process because they are ineligible to waive (decline) must enroll in, and pay the premiums for, the plan. Students who fail to comply with this policy will be enrolled in the plan by the University and will be required to pay the premium. The premium cannot be billed to your student account.

Accident Insurance for Student Athletes and Performing Artists

In order to provide optimal care to student athletes and performing artists, the University has purchased an athletic and performing arts accident insurance policy. This policy provides secondary insurance coverage for accidents incurred while participating in official University-sponsored athletic or performing arts events. Insurance coverage will not be provided for pre-existing conditions or non-athletic/performing arts-related injuries. 

Information on this coverage is available in the Athletic Training Office located on the first floor of the Student Center.