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Student Health Insurance

Make Sure Your Health Is Covered

All full-time, registered undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in the University's student health insurance plan. We strongly urge students to maintain health insurance coverage. If you do not have existing medical insurance, the University contracts with a hospital-affiliated medical facility to offer student health insurance.

  • Residential (students living on campus), international, dance and theater students (all concentrations), and student athletes (including cheerleading), must carry the University's student health insurance unless they have existing health insurance coverage that meets the requirements set forth by the University. 

  • A student who is required to have health insurance coverage (see above), and has existing health insurance coverage, must waive the student health plan coverage, or the student will be enrolled in the student health plan, and the student will be responsible for paying the cost of the premium. 
  • In order to waive out of the plan, the student must complete the Declination/Waiver Form and return the form, along with proof of insurance, to the Office of Student Affairs (see the form for details).  Student athletes must complete the Student Athlete Declination/Waiver Form. Students who are not required to have health insurance are not required to waive out of the plan.

  • To enroll in the student health plan, complete the enrollment application, and return it with your check made payable to Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to the address indicated on the form.  Credit card payments need to be made in person at a Highmark Direct store.  The Downtown store is located in Penn Avenue Place at 501 Penn Avenue; for additional locations place visit www.highmarkdirect.com/find.  Payment is required with the enrollment application; premiums may not be charged to your student account.

The 2014-15 plan year begins August 1, 2014 and ends July 31, 2015; however, coverage does not begin until Highmark has received the correct payment and enrollment information.

Enrollment deadlines

Following are the dates by which you can enroll in the student health insurance plan or waive coverage:

  • Fall semester: Sept. 15
  • Spring semester: Jan. 31

For more information, contact Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield at 1-800-241-5704 or the Office of Student Affairs by email at studentaffairs@pointpark.edu or by phone at 412-392-3840.

Accident insurance for student athletes and performing artists

In order to provide optimal care to student athletes and performing artists, the University has purchased an athletic and performing arts accident insurance policy. This policy provides secondary insurance coverage for accidents incurred while participating in official University-sponsored athletic or performing arts events. Insurance coverage will not be provided for pre-existing conditions or non-athletic/performing arts-related injuries. 

Information on this coverage is available in the Athletic Training Office located on the first floor of the Student Center.