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LLC Programs and Events

One student from each LLC floor participates in a spirited game of Twister for the 2012 LLC Olympics. | Photo by Leah Irwin

A Little Friendly Competition Among Friends!

Living and Learning Communities participate in annual events that usually involve some friendly competition among the communities.  Take a glimpse at the friendship and fun LLC students can expect:

Pizza with the President  l LLC Olympics  l LLC Symposium l  LLC Trip

Pizza with the President

Pizza with the President, usually held in the middle of the first term, is the first major LLC event for the new freshmen living in the residence halls.

Over the course of the week, Point Park freshmen show off their spirit by taking part in a variety of competitions designed to celebrate Pittsburgh and the Point Park community.

  • Residents race around the city in search of locations around Pittsburgh and tweet pictures of themselves to win prizes for their floor.
  • Over one weekend, students design and paint a mural on their floor hallway to celebrate their community.
  • All this culminates in one night of competition "Minute to Win It"-style, where LLCs perform tasks that including the amazing pretzel toss-and-catch and the great soda stacking event, until only one LLC is  left standing.

The LLC that wins enjoys the privilege of a private pizza dinner with University President Paul Hennigan.

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LLC Olympics

Each spring, the LLCs compete in a series of Olympic-like events over the course of a week. After an Opening Ceremony that rivals the "real" Olympics, students compete in events they vote for, like the roommate game, sumo wrestling in huge sumo suits, hide and seek, dodge ball, Point Park Trivia/Jeopardy, an obstacle course and a pie-eating contest.

As the floors jockey for points, they usually also add in a community-service-type activity.  In 2011, students gathered soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

   DSCF1048 LLC Oly IMG_0692

LLC Symposium

The LLC Symposium marks the end of the year for the Living and Learning Communities. Designed to celebrate the LLC residents’ accomplishments, as well as have some fun, students gather to enjoy food and drinks and reminisce about their year.  The symposium includes a raffle, a fun pop-culture quiz and even a Photo-Booth where students received one last memento from their freshman year.

A slideshow of LLC events that year highlight student experiences and participation, until finally the LLC of the Year is announced.

IMG_0960 banner 5floor

LLC Trip

In March 2012, the Living and Learning Community and Honors Programs teamed up to take 18 students from the Honors Program and different LLCs to New York City to spend spring break helping others. The students spent their days cleaning up a New York City park and and helping to renovate a non-profit store for an AIDS fundraiser.

In addition to volunteering, the students visited Madison Square Garden and the 9/11 Memorial, met Point Park alumni, ate in fun restaurants and visited NYC tourist hotspots. Not only did the students have a great time helping others, they also walked away with a great life experience and a few new friends. Learn more about their trip.

A group of Point Park students, faculty and staff traveled to New York City for spring break 2012 for volunteer work and sightseeing. Point Park students volunteer in a a New York City store that supports homeless individuals. Three Point Park students rake and bag leaves in a New York City park during Alternative Spring Break 2012. | Photo by Mary Eklund