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Silver Screen


For Movie Buffs

Do you find yourself quoting movies? Are your walls lined with movie poster after movie poster? Then the Silver Screen living and learning community is the place for you. Pittsburgh is deep in film history with the first Nickelodeon Theater originally located on Smithfield Street just a block away from campus. 

Learn about American and international films. Work with your Community Facilitator (aka CF) to host University screening nights and private viewings for your floor.  Plus, you never know when a movie could be filming in Pittsburgh and need extras!


Trips and Activities

  • Visit the Andy Warhol Museum on Pittsburgh's Northside
  • See Paranormal Activity 3 in the theater
  • A Class Act

Community Service

You'll get to select service organizations in Pittsburgh that your group would like to help, then plan fundraisers and "work days" to make a difference in the community!

  • 24-hour Christmas movie marathon for Toys for Tots

Meet the CFs!