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Governing Boards

Governing Boards

The student governing boards are designed to represent the needs and concerns of the student population. Students are welcome to attend the general meetings of each of these boards to make the representatives aware of important issues.

  • The Campus Activities Board's function is to give students the opportunity to develop and implement events on campus.
  • The United Student Government listens to the needs of the entire student population and brings an action plan to the administration to bring about change.
  • The Graduate Student Association creates more networking opportunities between graduate students, alumni and local professionals, and promotes an ambiance of integration between all graduate programs within Point Park University.

For more information on how to join each of these governing boards contact them directly at cab@pointpark.edu, usg@pointpark.edu, and gsa@pointpark.edu.

Get Involved

Each year, Point Park's United Student Government hosts a forum where students are invited to meet their USG senator and voice their concerns. The theme for the 2011 forum was nostalgia, and students were able to relive their childhood through spin art, classic toys and video games.