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Event Policies



Disciplinary Action

Any student group or its representative(s) found in violation of policies set forth in this handbook may be subject to disciplinary action determined at the discretion of the Dean of Student Affairs and/or the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Student Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to delineate non-academic standards of conduct appropriate to the University in consonance with the educational goals of the University. A student enrolling in the University assumes a responsibility to conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational institution. All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Code and their individual responsibility with it. The Student Code of Conduct applies to all students of Point Park University. The student is expected to respect and abide by local ordinances, and state and federal statutes, both on and off campus. As a member of the educational community, he or she is expected to abide by the institution’s code of student conduct which clarifies those behavioral standards considered essential to its educational mission.

Groups representing the University must behave in a manner conducive to the Point Park University’s Student Code of Conduct. A student group or organization may be held collectively responsible and its officers may be held individually responsible when violations of the Code of Conduct by those associated with the group or organization have occurred. A position of leadership in a student group, organization, or athletic team entails responsibility. Student officers cannot permit, condone, or acquiesce in any violation of this Code of Conduct by the group or organization.


Point Park University forbids the practice or act of hazing among students or within student organizations. Hazing is defined as any activity (on- or off-campus) that subjects a person, with or without their consent, to the risk of bodily harm or emotional distress, or causing or encouraging behaviors that would be a violation of law or University policy, for the purpose of initiating, promoting, fostering, or confirming any form of affiliation with a student group or organization (University-recognized or not). Violations of this policy will result in the dissolution of the organization and expulsion of students involved. Additional information on hazing can be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs.

Event Policies

These policies are specific to events that are being held by a student organization.



To establish the University’s alcohol use policy for student sponsored events on and off campus.


To clarify to student body that no alcohol can be served at student sponsored activities located on or off campus.

  1. No alcohol will be sold, served or consumed at any campus event sponsored or organized by a student organization on or off campus.
  2. No student organization will hold fundraising events involving the provision, sale, or consumption of alcohol on or off campus.

Event Decorating


To establish a decorating policy for student events.


To clearly communicate event decorating guidelines to student groups.

  1. Flammable liquids are prohibited.
  2. Windows and smoke detectors must remain free of decorations. Windows cannot be covered. Windows should not be blocked by furniture.
  3. Uses of tape, staples or any other adhesives that can potentially damage surfaces to affix decorations are prohibited.
  4. Doorways may not be blocked.
  5. Heating units may not be blocked or covered by decorations or furniture.
  6. Confetti and/or glitter are prohibited.
  7. A pathway at least four feet wide must be kept clear of furniture and decorations at all times.
  8. Modifications to venue lighting must be made by Physical Plant staff.



To establish the University’s grilling policy for students on campus.


To clarify to student body that no grilling is permitted for student sponsored activities on campus.


Open-flame (charcoal, wood, gas) grilling is prohibited on University property.

Load-In Load-Out


To establish a consistent load-in load-out policy for student events


To clearly communicate event guidelines for event load-in load-out

  1. Student group representative must arrange delivery time with vendor/group making deliveries.
  2. Student group representative must be present at load-in.
  3. Deliveries to LH Ballroom.
  4. Deliveries must be received at the Third Avenue mailroom doors and taken by freight elevator through the Laurence Hall dining room to the ballroom.
  5. ARAMARK and the Office of Public Safety must be notified in advance of load-in and load-out times.
  6. Public Safety officer must be present to operate freight elevator during load-in and load-out time.
  7. Ballroom deliveries must be scheduled between the hours of 1:30PM and 3:30PM only.
  8. Student group representative must escort vendor/group from Third Avenue entrance to ballroom site and back for load-in load-out. (cont.)
  9. Student group liable for any damages to University property incurred during the load-in load-out process

Student Event Check-In


To establish consistent procedures for operation of the check-in/registration area for all student events


To clearly communicate guidelines for check-in/registration area to student organizations

  1. The sponsoring organization must provide adequate staff (minimum of 2 people) to check identification and manage functions necessary to event check-in such as performing ID checks, maintaining guest list, monitoring the entrance at all times, wrist banding and cash collection.
  2. Student in charge of event is to arrive one (1) hour prior to event to ensure proper set-up. If student is not present, changes will not be able to be made.
  3. ID Check
  4. Point Park University Students: Currently enrolled Point Park University students are admitted to Point Park University social events/dances by showing their University picture ID. A currently enrolled Point Park University student is allowed only one non-University student/guest at each social event.
  5. Guests: Non-University guests must show a valid driver’s license or another form of picture ID upon request and must be accompanied by a currently enrolled University student.
  6. Guest List: All non-Point Park University students must sign-in on a non-Point Park University guest list. Guest list must be turned in to campus security at the end of the event. (cont.)
  7. A permanent card of “Social Events Rules” shall be posted on an outside door at the check-in table listing the following information:
    1. Please present your Point Park University ID.
    2. Only one guest per University student is allowed.
    3. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated
    4. Alcohol, controlled substances, and weapons are not allowed.

Print Shop Requests


To establish consistent procedures for requesting printed materials from the University Print Shop.


To clearly communicate the guidelines for making print shop requests.

  1. Student Organizations must be approved and recognized before they can submit a Print Shop Request form.
  2. Approved Student Organizations must submit a Print Shop Request Form fourteen (14) days prior to display date. If the Print Shop Submission Form is sent in any day after the fourteen (14) days prior to the display date, the request form will not be processed.
  3. Student Activities is responsible for approving the content of poster/flyers, not for the printing and payment of them.
  4. Student Organizations will provide an approved budget number on the Print Shop Request form. Failure to do so will result in the flyer/poster request being cancelled.
  5. Student Organizations are responsible for getting the flyers approved and stamped through the Office of Student Activities. Student Organizations are responsible for hanging up their approved fliers on the approved bulletin boards located around the Point Park University Campus. Failure to hang any flyers in any location other than the approved bulletin boards will result in those flyers being pulled down.



To establish the University’s solicitation policy.


To clarify to student body that no solicitation is permitted on campus.

  1. No solicitation of any kind is permitted on campus unless approved by the Office of Physical Plant and/or the Office of Student Activities.


Travel Policy



To establish consistent procedures for student organizations traveling off of campus.


To communicate clearly the guidelines for off campus travel.


Depending on the nature of the event, the number of participants, and the proximity to campus, the following policy pertains:

  1. If a recognized group is sponsoring an event off-campus that involves 28 students or less, and is less than 50 miles from campus, group members may use University vans or their own vehicles. Drivers must be certified through the University and at least 21 years of age. A Trip Waiver must be filled out for all participants. The University does NOT assume any liability for incidents/accidents that occur in personal vehicles.
  2. If a recognized group is sponsoring an event off-campus that involves more than 28 students, irrespective of distance, the group must provide a chartered bus.
  3. Groups can reserve Point Park University vans through the Office of Student Activities. The vans hold 14 passengers. A Van Request Form must be filled out and returned to the Office of Student Activities no less than two weeks from the date of the trip.


  1. Failure to comply with these policies may subject the responsible organization and/or individuals to fines for property damage and/or clean-up costs. Individuals who fail to comply with this policy may be judicially referred.
  2. Student organizations may have the privilege to post advertising and/ or to hold campus events revoked if this rule is violated.
  3. Organizations, businesses, and other groups not affiliated with the university may be subject to action by the University for Violation of this policy.