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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I reserve rooms without having an organization?

No, students must be a part of or sponsored by a recognized student organization by USG and Student Activities before having the privilege to reserve any University space.

Q: Can I be an officer for more than one student organization?

We strongly discourage a student to serve on more than one executive board.

Q: Are we allowed to invite outside speakers to our events?

Yes, but you must first notify Student Activities during the reservation process who will be speaking at your event

Q: How do we get flyers approved?

You must come to the Office of Student Activities for approval and meet the standard guidelines and poster policies; posters must not contain profanity, alcohol/drugs, and indecency. You will be contacted within 48 hours if your flyer if approved and stamped.

Q: Do I have to be in a student organization to volunteer with Student Activities community service events?

No, you do not need to be involved in a student organization to participate in planned community events, we welcome all Point Park University students to become involved in civic engagement activities.

Q: If I am holding an event/meeting on campus and would like to bring food, am I required to order food from ARAMARK (PP Food Service Vendor)?

No, student organizations have the freedom to bring outside food to meetings and events. However, if you bring off-site food to a large event the Office of Student Activities requires you to indicate whether or not you will be using ARAMARK or an off-site vendor. Also, the sale of dinner and sandwich foods by students or student-sponsored organizations is prohibited. The sale of baked goods and snacks is permitted.

Q: If my student organization would like to make posters/flyers and have supplies, may we borrow supplies and get computer access at Student Activities.

No, The Office of Student Activities does not have supplies (i.e. paper, scissors, tape, etc) readily available for students; however, if you are seeking computer access there are several computer labs available to students. Point Park University has 10 computer labs on campus and two Macintosh labs. There are also public computers available on the lower level of Thayer Hall and the first floor of the University Center.

Q: Is there a calendar where I can view all other student organization events?

The Office of Student Activities will create a weekly newsletter called “Check This” available to all students via email. Along with this newsletter we include the Student Activities Calendar, which can be viewed at www.pointpark.edu/Event.aspx. There will also be a new web-based platform, OrgSync, where student organizations can input their own events, meetings, and activities onto the calendar. Please see the Administrative Coordinator of Student Activities for further assistance.

Q: If we ever have a complaint, concern, or problem where do we go?

We encourage you to take advantage of your student organization advisor first. For further assistance you can contact the Director of Student Activities.