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Dining Services

Facilities, options and policies for on-campus dining

Dining services for Point Park University are available in various locations throughout the campus. Meal plans, FLEX dollars, cash, and credit cards may be used to pay for food and food items. If a meal plan or FLEX dollars are purchased, your Point Park University ID card will be encoded to access your food service account and must be presented in order to be used as payment. ID cards are nontransferable.

The following policies, codes and processes are part of the Point Park University Student Planner/Handbook.

Key sections

Lawrence Hall Dining Room (LHDR)

The LHDR is located on the third floor of Lawrence Hall and offers all-you-careto- eat dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the LHDR, traditional home-style foods, ethnically-inspired foods, vegetarian and vegan selections, and more are available. Meal plans, FLEX dollars, credit cards, and cash are accepted in the LHDR.

Guests are welcome in the LHDR to dine with you at the rates posted at the entrance.

Removal of food, beverages, or dinnerware from the LHDR is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. Students are not permitted to take large glasses or containers into the LHDR.

Point Café

The Point Café is located on the second floor of Lawrence Hall and offers a wide range of grab-and-go and made-to-order menu selections. Specialty coffee drinks and smoothies are also available. A meal plan equivalency is offered for breakfast, dinner, and late night. FLEX dollars, credit cards, and cash are also accepted. 


Starbucks is located on the first floor of Conestoga Hall. FLEX dollars, cash, credit cards, and Starbucks Gift Cards are accepted.

Meal Plans

Point Park University offers meal plans that combine the security of guaranteed meals and the flexibility in dining choices. Meal plan choices include:

• 14-Meal Flex Plan
• 10-Meal Flex Plan
• Commuter Meal Plan
• Flex Dollars

Resident students living in Lawrence and Thayer Halls are required to select either the 14 or 10-Meal Flex Plan. Resident students living in Conestoga and Pioneer Suites must select a meal plan; however, they also have the option of selecting the Commuter Meal Plan, the 14- or 10-Meal Flex Plans, or Flex Dollars. Resident students living in the Boulevard Apartments are not required to select a meal plan, but may purchase any of the meal plans, including the Flex Dollars.

Meals are not guaranteed when food service facilities are closed. No credit will be given for missed meals unless a student is on an approved medical leave of absence and completes the proper paperwork. Meal plan Flex dollars carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester; however, they are not transferable, and at the end of the spring semester any unused Flex is forfeited. Students who wish to change their meal plan must do so during the first two weeks of each semester.

Exemption from Meal Plans

A resident student requesting exemption from purchasing a meal plan for medical reasons must provide documentation from his/her physician. The University’s consent will be based upon the decision of the Dean of Students. 

Microwave Ovens

There are microwave ovens available for general use in the following locations:

  • 2nd floor Lawrence Hall (in the Point Café area)
  • 2nd floor Thayer Hall
  • 1st floor Boulevard Apartments

Please report requests for repairs and vandalism to the Dining Services Director at 412-392-3829 or 412-392-4703.

Vending Machines

There are a variety of vending machines throughout the University:

  • 2nd floor Lawrence Hall (in the Point Café area)
  • 2nd floor Academic Hall (near the elevators)
  • 1st floor Conestoga Hall (lounge)
  • 4th floor Lawrence Hall
  • 4th Floor Patterson Building
  • Basement University Center (Library)
  • Basement Playhouse
  • Basement Pioneer Hall
  • Lobby Student Center
  • 8th Floor West Penn Building

Please report requests for repairs, losses, and vandalism to the Food Service Director at 412-392-3829 or 412-392-4703.

Dining Schedule

Hours of operation are subject to change during the summer months and most breaks.

For more information on dining locations, hours of operation, meal plans, Flex dollars, and more, visit the website at www.pointpark.edu/StudentLife/LivingonCampus/Dining.