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Services for Students

Resources, facilities and services at Point Park

The following information is part of the Point Park University Student Planner/Handbook.

Key Sections

ATM/Change Machines

ATMs are located across from the elevators on the second floor of Academic Hall and on the first floor of the Student Center. A change machine is located in the Point Café near the vending machines.


The Bookstore carries Point Park University apparel and gift items, stationery supplies, leisure-reading books and magazines, snacks, and other miscellaneous items. The Bookstore also carries all required and recommended textbooks. Some titles are available as used textbooks, saving over 25% off the publisher’s new book pricing. The Bookstore now also offers several titles as a rentable option, saving over 50% off the new book price. In addition, the Bookstore buys textbooks back that have been adopted for use the next semester. Note: In order to search the online textbook listings, the semester, course department and number, and section number of each course are needed and can be found on each student’s class schedule.

For more information about textbook pricing and book information, placing orders for the next semester, and Bookstore hours of operation, visit the Bookstore on the first floor of Lawrence Hall, or the website at pointpark.bncollege.com, or call 412-392-3448.

Computer Labs

Point Park University has multiple computer labs for general student use, as well as department-only. Students will need to check with their departments for specifics on their computer labs. Hours of general student labs are currently:
Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The labs located in 208 and 212 Thayer Hall are open twenty-four hours in the Fall and Spring semesters. All hours are subject to change. Summer semester lab hours vary as needed.

General student computer labs are located:
208 Thayer Hall-Mac & PC Lab
212 Thayer Hall-Mac Lab
406 Academic Hall-PC Lab
407 Academic Hall-Mac Lab
408 Academic Hall-PC Lab
409 Academic Hall-PC Lab
716 Academic Hall-PC Lab
701 West Penn -PC Lab
801 West Penn-PC Lab
814 West Penn-PC Lab
Lower Level 16 University Center-PC Lab
Lower Level University Center-PC Lab
116 University Center - Mac Lab
200 University Center - Mac Lab
Library - 10 wireless-ready laptops
Departmental Student Computer Labs:
513 Academic Hall- Biotech Lab
601 Academic Hall - Drafting Lab
Lower Level 5 Thayer Hall- Mechanics Lab
School of Communication

507 Academic Hall- Photography Lab
608 Academic Hall - Mac Lab

Cinema & Digital Arts

220 University Center- Mac Lab

Note: If your academic department is not listed, check with the departmental office to see if they have any computer labs available.

Copy Machines

Copy machines are available on campus for student use at a rate of $.10 per copy and are located

  • The University Center 
  • Fourth floor of Academic Hall, near the Computer Help Desk in 406A 
  • Fourth floor commuter lounge in Lawrence Hall 
  • Eighth floor of the West Penn Building in the student lounge

Disability Services

It is the intention of Point Park University to provide appropriate, reasonable accommodations for students who are disabled in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act of 2008. Campus accommodations for students are coordinated through the Program for Academic Success (PAS), located on the seventh floor of Lawrence Hall. Students should contact PAS at 412-392-3870, or consult the website at www.pointpark.edu/StudentLife/HealthandStudentServices/ProgramforAcademicSuccess for specific information on the University’s policy and procedures for verifying disabilities and requesting reasonable accommodations.

Because students’ needs vary, accommodations are determined on a case-bycase basis. Therefore, after the appropriate documentation has been provided, students must participate in an interview with the Coordinator of Disability Services. The Coordinator of Disability Services will determine appropriate and reasonable
accommodations after careful review of documentation, consideration of interview findings, and if needed, consultation with the student’s healthcare provider/evaluator, University faculty/staff, and/or external resources.

Students should discuss any concerns related to the provision of reasonable accommodations with the Coordinator of Disability Services. A student having a complaint or concern related to services or reasonable accommodations provided by the Coordinator of Disability Services may initiate the appeals process. A student who is dissatisfied with the outcome of the University appeals process or who wishes to pursue an alternative may file a complaint against the University with the Office of Civil Rights or in court.

Disability Services Appeals Process

A student has the right to appeal an accommodation decision made by the Coordinator of Disability Services. The process for that appeal is as follows:

• Step One: The Coordinator of Disability Services will notify the student and appropriate faculty and/or University staff member of the accommodation decision. If the student disagrees with the accommodation decision, he/she may contact the Coordinator and seek an informal resolution. It is important to understand that the accommodation decision will be implemented while an appeal is in process.
• Step Two: If there is no satisfactory resolution at the informal step, the student must submit a written letter to the representative of the Office of Academic and Student Affairs (OASA), explaining the accommodation
decision, the reason for the appeal, and the requested remedy. The OASA
representative will review the appeal, determine to either support or overturn the original decision, and send a written response within seven (7) calendar days after receiving the appeal. The student has the right to meet with the OASA representative prior to the written response.
• Step Three: The student may appeal in writing the OASA representative response within seven (7) calendar days of the postmark of the OASA representative response. The OASA representative will convene a meeting of an appropriately trained Appeals Committee within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the appeal. The Appeals Committee will consist of representatives from at least two of the following areas: Faculty, Human Resources Office, Student Affairs, or Physical Plant Office. The student has the right to present his/her case before this committee. The student will receive a written notification of the decision of the Appeals Committee within fourteen (14) calendar days after the Committee has met.

There is no appeal within the University beyond the Appeals Committee.

A student who is dissatisfied with the outcome of the University’s appeals procedure or who wishes to pursue an alternative may file a complaint against the University with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) or in a court.

Contact Information:

Dr. James Thomas, representative of the OASA
822 Academic Hall

NOTE: The University reserves the right to seek legal review of the situation at anytime during this process.
A faculty appeal of the accommodation decision should be directed to the Academic Personnel Policies Committee (APPC).


Students may purchase fax machine use in the Office of Campus Life on the first floor of Pioneer Hall. The rate is $1 for three pages and $1 for each additional page.

Internet/Data Network Access

Internet access and a Point Park University email account are provided to all Point Park University students. Official correspondence via email from the University will be sent to this account only. Student-owned computers must meet minimum requirements to connect to the University network, and must include a reliable Ethernet card.

Technical Assistance

Students may receive technical assistance from the IT Helpdesk related to network connectivity issues.  The Helpdesk is located in 406 Academic Hall and can be reached by phone at 412-392-3494, by email at helpdesk@pointpark.edu, or visit their website at www.pointpark.edu/About/AdminDepts/TechnologyServices/DesktopHelpRequest.

If the connectivity issue is related to student machine problems, the Point Park University Computer Service Center (CSC) offers personal computer repair services and is available on a “pay for use” basis. The Computer Service Center is located in 403 Academic Hall and can be reached by phone at 412-392-6141, by email at csc@pointpark.edu, or visit their website at www.pointpark.edu/csc.

Residence Halls

All residence hall rooms are equipped with a cable TV and data access port. Residents will have access to basic cable and expanded basic cable TV, along with HBO. Premium Channels are available, at an additional charge, by contacting Comcast Cable. The data port permits each student to connect his or her personal computer to the University network.  More information about minimum system requirements and network cards will be mailed to all residence hall students during the summer.

Students are expected to provide their own cables to connect their television to the cable TV ports and their computers to the data port. Students may also purchase these cables at a cost of approximately $15 each from the Campus Bookstore.  Specifications for these cables:

• Cable TV- CATV patch cord, 75 ohm RG-6, male to male

• Data/network- Category 5 Ethernet, 4 pair UTP, 24AWG

For issues relating to cable service, contact the Campus Life Office at 412-392-8026 or visit the office on the first floor of Pioneer Hall. 

Wireless Access

Point Park

Wi-Fi hot spots are currently available in almost all academic and public spaces of the University.  To find specific locations, visit www.pointpark.edu/WiFi.


There are washers and dryers located on the eighth floor of Lawrence Hall and every floor in Thayer Hall, Pioneer Hall, Conestoga Hall, and the Boulevard Apartments. There is no charge for the use of the washers and dryers. If a machine malfunctions, please place a work order online through the Corrigo system at www.pointpark.edu/About/AdminDepts/PhysicalPlantFacilities/WorkOrders. All work orders will be directed to the Physical Plant Office. 

See also Services for Students:  Repairs and Maintenance

Lockers and Storage

More than 200 lockers are available in Academic Hall, floors three through six. The lockers provide storage space for books and clothing. Lockers may be utilized at no cost. To receive access to the lockers please register in the Student Center office, room 706. Students who use lockers without permission could have their possessions claimed by the University and be charged through the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Locks and all personal materials must be removed from inside lockers one week after the last day of the spring semester. Beginning on the Monday of the following week, all locks will be cut off and anything found inside will be disposed of. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Student Center office
at 412-392-3854.

Mail Center/Student Mailboxes

The University Mail Center is located on the first floor of Lawrence Hall, to the left and behind the lobby area.  Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; there are no Saturday hours during summer recess.  The Mail Center is closed on Sundays and all holidays observed by the University.  Hours of operation are subject to change and are posted at the Mail Center.


Resident students should report to the Mail Center after moving into their room, at which time they will be given a card with their name, mailbox number and lock combination or key. All mailboxes are shared by two students with the exception of the Boulevard Apartments, which is one student per mailbox. Residents have twenty-four hour access to their mailboxes.

Mailboxes in the Boulevard Apartments and Pioneer Hall are located in the building entry to the right; Conestoga Hall mailboxes are in the entry to the left; Lawrence and Thayer Hall mailboxes are located at the Mail Center.

Entry into Lawrence and Thayer Hall mailboxes is by combination lock, and Pioneer/ Conestoga Halls and the Boulevard Apartments mailboxes is by key. Students who lose their key are to report the loss to the Mail Center so that a new key may be ordered; there is a charge for replacement keys which will be billed to the student’s account.

Receiving Mail and Parcels

The University address is on the back of your mailbox card.  Regardless of the building in which you live, the mailing address for all residents is:

Student Name

Mailbox Number ______   (Note:  Do not write “P. O. Box”)

Point Park University

201 Wood Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Any deviation from this address could delay your mail, or even cause items to be returned to the sender by the US Post Office as undeliverable.

Mail or parcels that do not fit into mailboxes must be retrieved at the Mail Center during business hours.  In order to retrieve these items, present the signed, blue Parcel Retrieval Card received in your mailbox and your University Student ID card at the Mail Center window.  If you need to retrieve a parcel in an emergency outside of Mail Center hours, such as prescription medicine, contact Public Safety at 412-392-3960.


Use PointWeb to access your:

  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Student Account Balance
  • Quick links to campus resources
  • Online personal calendar and list of campus events
  • Registration
How To Gain Access To Point Web

Your Point Web user id number is the id number on your Point Park Student ID Card. If you do not have a Student ID Card, one may be obtained in the Public Safety Office on the third floor of Frontier Hall, or you can obtain your Point Park ID number from the Registrar’s Office.

To obtain your Point Web password, log on to your Point Park email account and look for the email with this information, or go to http://PointWeb.pointpark.edu, enter your Point Park ID number and click on I forgot my password; your Point Web password will be emailed to your Point Park email account.


Point Park University has the environmental impact of a small city. We average:
351 pounds of plastic/aluminum per week
2,774 pounds of co-mingled paper per week
1,795 pounds of shredded document paper per week
800 pounds of corrugated cardboard per week
8,795 bottles per week
9,775 cans per week

Through campus environmental stewardship we can make campus operations less consuming of natural resources and less polluting of natural ecosystems. By committing ourselves to becoming a greener campus we can better fulfill our educational mission, demonstrate environmental leadership, and set an example for the wider community. Our recycling program allows all members of the University community to participate. Each building floor on campus has recycling containers, where recycled materials are picked up by the housekeeping staff. Residence halls have recycling containers on each individual dormitory floor and in elevator lobby. For more information, visit the website at www.pointpark.edu/About/AdminDepts/PhysicalPlantFacilities/RecyclingPolicy.

Repairs and Maintenance

All students must report needed repairs by submitting a work order through the Corrigo Work Order System located on the Point Park website at http://pointpark.Corrigo.com. The Corrigo System is not compatible with the Apple computer operating systems. If you need assistance with the Corrigo Work Order System, visit www.pointpark.edu/About/AdminDepts/PhysicalPlantFacilities/WorkOrders and click on one of the Training Demo links.

Definitions of Work Order Classifications:
  • Routine: This work will be reviewed and if possible, completed within four business days. Examples include, but are not limited to: light out, dripping faucet, minor repairs to living space

  • Urgent: This work will be reviewed and if possible, completed within two business days. Examples include, but are not limited to: more than one light out, leak around toilet or tub, window not working properly

  • Emergency: This work will be reviewed and if possible, completed within one hour.Also, please call the Public Safety Dispatch Center at extension 2222 from a campus phone only, or using your cell phone, call 412-392-3960 to report the emergency to the University. Examples include, but are not limited to: fire, burning smell, no power, no water, no heat, lock or door trouble, flood

Shuttle Services

University shuttles are used to transport members of the University community to locations such as Pittsburgh Filmmakers, the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and Stage AE, as well as athletic and other University-sponsored activities and events, such as shopping trips. There is also limited shuttle service to the Pittsburgh International Airport on key dates, such as Spring Break, that is available for a nominal fee; contact Student Activities for more information. All shuttle passengers must have Point Park University identification or a guest pass issued by a sponsoring University department in order to ride University shuttles. All shuttle schedules are subject to change. For more information about shuttle services, as well as current schedules, visit the website at www.pointpark.edu/About/AdminDepts/PhysicalPlantFacilities/Transportation.

Study Lounges

Study lounges are located on the second floor of Academic Hall and the second floor of Thayer Hall. The study lounges provide students with an atmosphere suitable for quiet study twenty-four hours a day. Students are expected to observe a quiet atmosphere and keep the areas clean and free of trash.