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Creativity permeates the Point
Park experience. Our imaginative
faculty brings an innovative spirit,
whether teaching dance, biology
or accounting. Our city’s rich,
diverse cultural scene enhances
the free, open way of thinking
across all our majors.
See what’s being said about our
Downtown Pittsburgh campus:
Surrounded by the professional
opportunities of a world-class
city, Point Park students engage
in a practical, career-oriented
education. It’s why our graduates
are highly professional and better
prepared for success.
Read about their success:
Point Park is a private university
and an affordable one. With a
lower tuition cost than many
similar universities plus generous
financial aid, a quality Point Park
education delivers an outstanding
return on the investment.
Learn how we can make a Point
Park education affordable for you:
Pittsburgh is home to a number
of Fortune 500 companies and
dozens of billion-dollar global
corporations. It is one of the
nation’s most vibrant cultural
centers. And, it is at the forefront
of fields ranging from technology
to health care to communications.
You will be amazed, too!
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