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Program Closed

High school students will explore the fundamentals of sound, audio recording and sound design for film.  During the five-day workshop led by Associate Professor Andrew Halasz, students gained hands-on experience in Point Park's state-of-the-art Ben Burtt sound suite working on three projects:
  • Collecting sound effects to create musical pieces with sound._MG_6495
  • Recording a song with a professional musician/songwriter.
  • Recording dialog and sound effects for a scene from a film. 
"My favorite part of the week was learning the basics of using Avid Protools and getting hands-on guidance of what to do," said Spencer Tye, a senior from Perrysburg High School in Perrysburg, Ohio. "It surprised me how hands-on Andrew was in class. I loved having him there to help me better shape my work."
Time: 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.IMG_6747
Days: Monday through Friday
Tuition for Commuters:
$400 - Includes daily lunch
Tuition for Students Living on Campus:
$800 - Includes three meals per day
Open to students entering grades 9-12 and high school graduates looking for film schools.
Registration Form - Program Closed
PLEASE NOTE: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required with the registration form. If the program becomes full prior to receiving your registration, your deposit will NOT be processed, but the student will be placed on a wait list. Should another student drop out, we will call you to check if the student is still interested. If so, we will deposit your $100, if not we will return your deposit since you were never officially registered for the program. Please call with any questions at 412-392-3457. The non-refundable deposit is only valid for confirmed registered students.  
This workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of sound, audio recording and sound design for film. Working with Avid Protools, the week-long class teaches acoustics, proper microphone skills, multi-track recording and sound design for film and video. In Point Park’s state-of-the-art recording suite, students will participate in recording a music artist, as well as recording dialog and sound effects for a scene from a film.
Through this workshop, students will be able to understand the processes of recording multi-track music and post-production sound for film, understand the basic uses of Avid Protools in post-production sound work, refine sound recordings using editing, filtering and mixing techniques, design, build and mix a textured, multi-layered sound track consisting of dialog, sound effects, and music.
At the end of the program students will have created a mix of the song that is recorded during the week, as well as an ADR-FOLEY-FX PROJECT. This project will consist of a full sound edit, design and mix of a scene from a film. All existing soundtrack will be removed and the dialog, foley and music will be recreated by the student.


2017 Sound Camp Participants


Olivia Lapikas 
Sharpsville High School
Dream Job: Music Teacher
"I chose to attend sound camp because in the line of working with music that I'm going into, I felt that I should know how to operate a sound board. My favorite part of the week was adding sound to animations/scenes that we got to pick out."


James PurdyJamesPurdy
North Allegheny High School
Dream Job: Music Producer
"Overall, I would say this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone willing to take it. My favorite part of the week was recording and mixing a song with an artist. It gave me a taste of what it's like to record and work with an artist on a professional level, and I got to experience what it could be like as a music producer — my dream job."
Spencer Tye
SpencerTye Perrysburg High School
Dream Job: Post-Production Sound Designer
"It was awesome being on a college campus for the week! This was my first real college experience. It was super cool to have the opportunity to live in the dorms and have a roommate. Being able to live on my own and walk around the city/campus was great."