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Measuring the Economic Impact of the
Academic Village Initiative

Pittsburgh's economy benefits from the direct employment, compensation and output that
results from Point Park University's investment in the Academic Village Initiative as well as from
the impacts of the supply and distribution chain of related industries. The jobs supported in the
design and construction industries during the course of the development, and many more in
the broader economy, would not exist without Point Park University's investment. Similarly, the
wages paid to employees directly involved in the design and construction related to the initiative
have an impact on the broader economy as employees use their compensation to buy goods and
services, which spurs more economic activity. In this report, the Economy League measures
direct, indirect and induced economic output as well as jobs and compensation created by the
Academic Village Initiative.

View the entire Pennsylvania Economy League Study (.pdf)

  • Point Park University is a growing force in the Pittsburgh region and can contribute to the vibrancy of Downtown Pittsburgh
  • The Academic Village will result in an investment of $244 million in Downtown Pittsburgh
  • Through spending on design and construction, the Academic Village will add nearly $280 million in total value to the economy. It will generate 3,700 full- and part-time jobs through direct spending, and indirect and induced ripple effects in the local economy

Dollar Impact to Local Economy

Job Impact to Local Economy

Boulevard Apartments $18 million
250 full-time/part-time jobs
Public Space Enhancements $23 million
310 full-time/part-time jobs
Student Union/Athletic Center $39 million
530 full-time/part-time jobs
Pittsburgh Playhouse on Forbes Ave $200 million
2,600 full-time/part-time jobs