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Students get first look at new park

The new Urban Park at the Academic Village was opened to students for the first time with a special celebration. Concert performances and light refreshments gave students the opportunity to see the type of programming planned for the park. Through comments and video, students and President Paul Hennigan share their thoughts on the event and the park:

Video: Student reaction to the new urban park

Hear what students have to say about the park and the opening event.

"It's really nice to have somewhere to hang out outside now."
- Jessica Spencer, sophomore screenwriting major


"The park is beautiful. I am very excited about it opening for us to use now!"
- Alison Grant, junior dance major


"It is nice to have somewhere to go right outside the boulevard apartments."
- Dylan Summers, junior dance major


"We love the park! My favorite part is the waterfall."
- Melissa Florent, sophomore business major


"I like that all these people around for the opening, and of course the free food."
- Julie Larkin, sophomore, undecided

Read more about the urban park celebration and the Academic Village Initiative.

Video by Kelsey Sylvester and Damian Winterbottom, cinema and digital arts majors