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Sick Leave/Vacation Time

[Q]:  I’m in my introductory period and the policy doesn’t allow me to use sick or vacation time.  How will this affect me?
[A]:  During this event, the University is waiving the requirement to complete the introductory period in order to utilize sick or vacation time.

[Q]:  If I’m still in my 90-day introductory period, how do I request time off that is not yet available in my bank for me to request?
[A]:  Human Resources will need to enter this time. Please notify HR via

[Q]:  Do full-time staff accrue sick and vacation time while using sick or vacation benefits?
[A]:  Yes

[Q]:  Should I remove any previously requested/approved time off so that my bank is accurate in the present, such as scheduled vacation days or sick days for personal, family, etc.?
[A]:  Yes.  You will need to request your supervisor to remove these days. (Instructions can be found here)

[Q]:  Can I donate sick or vacation days to others?
[A]:  No, paid-time off days cannot be transferred to others.

Compensation and Benefits

[Q]:  How will I be paid if I have to be away from work?
[A]:  While the University is operational, employees whose position cannot be done remotely but who come to work will be paid as normal, and should continue to complete timesheets as they would normally do.

Employees whose position cannot be done remotely, and who can NOT come to work due to their own illness will use sick time, and then short-term disability, provided Short-Term Disability (STD) paperwork is completed. This paperwork is available on the University’s COVID-19 information page.

Employees who do not come to work because they are concerned about their own, or someone else’s, health and who have accrued time to cover the absence will be able to use sick time, vacation time, or personal days for the absence. 

Employees who do not come to work who DO NOT have enough accrued time to cover the absence will:

  • Use all accrued sick time
  • Use all accrued personal time
  • Use all accrued vacation time
  • Go into a negative sick time balance up to a maximum of 10 days.
  • Go into a negative vacation time balance up to a maximum of 10 days.

For Part-Time Employees:
Part-Time Employees whose position allows for remote work can complete the telework form, and if approved, continue to work remotely. 

Part-Time Employees who do not have paid time off to cover an absence and who cannot perform work remotely will remain as employees but will be unpaid.  Employees in this category can file for unemployment following the guidelines available from

For Student Workers:

Beginning on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, student workers (including federal work study, apprentices, honors assistants, and general student workers) will no longer be approved to work on campus. 

Graduate Assistants who are working remotely should complete the telework application applicable to all staff employees and obtain approval from Human Resources for the telework assignment.

[Q]:  Will my medical, dental and vision benefits continue while I am not working and using paid time off to cover my absence?
[A]:  Yes

[Q]: Am I eligible for Short-Term Disability if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?
[A]: Full Time faculty and staff who are diagnosed with COVID-19 (coronavirus) can apply for short term disability benefits  by completing a newly created form TemporaryDisabilityApplicationCOVID19, (Temporary Disability Application COVID-19) that simplifies and expedites the review and approval process.

 You must send the completed form to Human Resources for review, by:

 We do not recommend mailing to the University at this time.

For all other short-term disability requests not specifically related to COVID-19, please complete the standard short-term disability forms that can be found on the intranet/ linked here submit as stated above:

Short Term Disability Claim Form


Individuals with questions should contact the Human Resources Benefits Team at or

Unemployment Compensation

[Q]:  As a student worker, can I file for unemployment compensation?
[A]:  Wages earned for federal work study (FWS), apprenticeships, or other student employment are not eligible wages for unemployment compensation.

[Q]:  If I am an international student and can no longer do my general work or apprentice job, can I file for unemployment?
[A]:  Wages earned for federal work study (FWS), apprenticeships, or other student employment are not eligible wages for unemployment compensation

[Q]:  Can I file for unemployment if I am a member of staff who is not approved to work remotely?
[A]:  Yes, you may do so by following this link;

Building or Campus Closure

[Q]:  Can I come into work even though the campus is closed?
[A]:  No, not without specific authorization to do so. Do not come to work unless you have been identified as an essential employee who is required to work on campus during this type of emergency.  All employee ID card access has been disabled, and you will not be able to access campus unless approved in advance.

[Q]:  What if my position requires me to be on campus occasionally?
[A]:  If you need to report to campus for brief visits for work-related reasons, you must first notify Human Resources by email for approval.    

Governor Wolf ordered all non-life sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania to close physical locations in the continuing effort to slow coronavirus spread.  Therefore, all card access to University buildings has been discontinued until further notice, unless approved for legitimate business reasons.  If part of your department business continuity plan includes a staff member returning to campus periodically, we need more specific information in order to approve those requests.  Please note, the total number of requests should be minimal, and departments should share resources whenever possible. 

To obtain authorization, please contact Jordan Nofziger ( with the following information:

Name of employee requiring infrequent access to campus:

  • Date(s) of requested access:
  • Time(s) of Day to access:
    • Morning will be 10-12
    • Afternoon will be 1-3
    • Evening will be 5-7
  • Offices/Locations to visit while on campus

The total number of employees will be very limited, and requests that only note “various days/times” will not be approved.  Human Resources will provide this list to our Public Safety and Physical Plant Departments, and no other individuals are permitted in any campus building without prior approval.  You will also be notified once approved.

If you find that you have an unanticipated need, please reach out to Jordan Nofziger at least 24 hours in advance of a staff/faculty member returning to campus in order to get authorization.

Recruitment/Onboarding New Employees

[Q]:  How should I conduct interviews for vacant positions while the University is closed?
[A]:  Use technology (Zoom meeting, Skype, etc.) to conduct interviews in a virtual space instead of face-to-face

[Q]:  Do candidates still need to complete the applicant packet for virtual interviews?
[A]:  Yes.  Provide the applicant packet to the candidate by email. The applicant packet can be found on the HR pages of the intranet.

[Q]:  How will a new employee receive the HR/Payroll Packet?
[A]:  Human Resources will provide the HR/Payroll packet along with the offer letter, as required.

[Q]:  Has the I-9 process changed while the campus is closed?
[A]:  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced that it will defer the requirements for employers to review Form I-9 documents in person with new employees.    Documents can be viewed over fax or email within three (3) business days of hire.  Employers should enter “COVID-19” as the reason for the physical inspection delay in the additional information field in Section 2.  Once normal operations resume, physical review of Form I-9 documentation must occur. These provisions are in place until May 19 or within three business days after the termination of the national emergency, whichever comes first. 

[Q]:  How will new hire orientation be handled during this time period?
[A]:  New Hire Orientation will be handled through a zoom meeting, on the scheduled day/time. Benefits information will be provided via Dropbox.  For those needing to be onboarded, you will receive further instructions via email (personal/Point Park).


[Q]:  President Trump recently signed the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act.  How does affect Point Park employees?
[A]:  This Act applies to employers with fewer than 500 employees; and therefore, does not apply to Point Park University.

[Q]:  What if I am designated as essential and working on campus and have a work-related injury?
[A]:  You would follow standard protocol for work-related injuries. 

  • If life threatening, call Public Safety Dispatch (412-392-3960) to report an emergency. They will call 9-1-1.
  • If not life threatening, report injury to your direct supervisor.
  • File an Incident/Injury report with Public Safety (412-392-3960).
  • Report injury to Human Resources (
  • If medical attention is required, report to Concentra Medical Center, 1600 West Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219).