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Essential Pittsburgh: Staving off the winter blues
90.5 FM WESA; Feb. 23, 2015
Paul Guggenheimer chats with Point Park University Professor Brent Robbins on how to combat cabin fever and the winter blues.

Point Park's record label gets students in the studio
Pittsburgh Magazine; Feb. 19, 2015
Amy Whipple looks at Pioneer Records, Point Park University's new program that gives students hands-on experience in the recording industry.

Sense of direction: Student accepts role at Cannes

The Cranberry Eagle; Feb. 11, 2015
Eric Freehling talks to Bethany Barich, a Point Park University student who earned an internship to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Eighty Four student visits Sundance film fest

Observer-Reporter; Feb. 8, 2015
Brad Hundt writes about the Sundance Film Festival internship experience of student Justin Illig, who won a $1,000 scholarship for his work on a short film while at the annual event.

Point Park students get to work at Sundance

City Paper; Feb. 2, 2015
Zacchiaus McKee writes about five Point Park University students who earned internships at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Point Park students developing record label
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Feb. 1, 2015
Joyce Gannon details a new program at Point Park that gives students hands-on experience in all facets of the recording industry.

Three Point Park students seek funding to make shark documentary
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Feb. 1, 2015
Laura Byko profiles three Point Park University students planning a trip to South Africa to volunteer while also making a documentary that highlights the horrors of shark finning.

The Sunday Business Page: Paul Hennigan

CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA; Jan. 25, 2015
Jon Delano sits down with Point Park University President Paul Hennigan to discuss the school's Pittsburgh Playhouse project.

Point Park University's Pioneer Records primes students for careers in music
Whirl Magazine; Jan. 23, 2015
Liz Petoniak spotlights Pioneer Records, a new program at Point Park that is designed to help students learn the business side of launching a music career.

Point Park University setting the stage for new Pittsburgh Playhouse
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Jan. 12, 2015
Debra Erdley updates readers on Point Park University's plan to build a new Pittsburgh Playhouse on Forbes Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Point Park professor's photos on exhibit in Oakland
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Dec. 11, 2014
Kathleen Ganster profiles Point Park University's April Friges, assistant professor of photography. Her solo exhibit, "Spectator," is on display through Jan. 9 at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery in Oakland.

Point Park has raised $45M for Downtown Pittsburgh Playhouse project
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Dec. 4, 2014
Alice Carter's coverage of Point Park University's Pittsburgh Playhouse announcement. The Playhouse is scheduled for completion in 2017 and will be located on Forbes Avenue.

Point Park U. raises curtain on new Pittsburgh Playhouse: 'It showcases what we do'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Dec. 4, 2014
Clarece Polke covers Point Park University's new Pittsburgh Playhouse announcement.

Point Park University unveils plans for new Pittsburgh Playhouse
CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA; Dec. 4, 2014
Sarah Arbogast covers Point Park University's announcement on the new Pittsburgh Playhouse. Also includes video of President Paul Hennigan and Shirley Jones on "Pittsburgh Today Live."

Point Park unveils design for new Pittsburgh Playhouse (Video)
Pittsburgh Business Times; Dec. 4, 2014
Justine Coyne writes about Point Park University's new Pittsburgh Playhouse project that will be located in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Light show: Solo exhibit serves as 'Spectator' to effects of exposure
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Dec. 3, 2014
Kurt Shaw writes about the latest solo gallery showing of April Friges, an assistant professor of photography at Point Park University. Her exhibit will be on display through Jan. 9 at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Galleries in Oakland.

Plaque for Downtown gas station honors the little guy
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Dec. 2, 2014
Diana Nelson Jones writes about an event honoring Gene Albert and his family. Albert's Sales & Service operated for 47 years in the site that now is the University's Village Park. A plaque was installed recognizing Albert for his service to the community.

Point Park students go beyond just building resumes
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Nov. 3, 2014
Rachel Weaver details the success of Wood Street Communications, a new program in the School of Communications that pairs students with nonprofit organizations in need of help with marketing, public relations and social media efforts.

BOLD gives inspiration at bus stops
New Pittsburgh Courier; Oct. 23, 2014
Ashley Johnson details the "Today's Mentors for Tomorrow's Workforce" campaign by the Building Our Leaders Daily program at Point Park University.

Former instructors donate $15 million estate to Point Park University
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Oct. 8, 2014
Bill Schackner details the $15 million bequest given to Point Park University by George and Kathleen White. It's the largest single donation in school history.

Point Park dance department aims to build upon success with new chair
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Oct. 5, 2014
Sara Bauknecht introduces readers to Ruben Graciani, Point Park's new dance department chair.

Chronicle: Downtown's new life
WTAE; Sept. 19, 2014
Bob Mayo interviews Point Park University President Paul Hennigan as part of a feature on the revitalization of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Film contest worked on by Point Park students coming to TV
CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA; Sept. 4, 2014
Dave Crawley offers a preview of the Point Park University-produced show "The Chair" ahead of its premiere on Starz.

Pittsburgh-based reality show 'The Chair' to debut
The Associated Press via Yahoo!; Aug. 31, 2014
Joe Mandak previews the Point Park University-produced show "The Chair," which airs on Starz.

Hundred Wood reclaims part of Point Park's Downtown Pittsburgh campus
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Aug. 28, 2014
Rachel Weaver writes about Denny and Melody Scott's new restaurant, Hundred Wood, which will be located on the Point Park University campus.

Point Park president pitches in on move-in day
CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA; Aug. 21, 2014
Rick Dayton reports on Point Park's Move-In Frenzy, which featured faculty and staff -- including President Paul Hennigan -- unloading cars and bringing students' belongings to their rooms.

The Great 21: Remembering Roberto Clemente
WESA 90.5 FM; Aug. 18, 2014
Essential Pittsburgh talks to Alki Steriopoulos, writer and composer of "21," a musical based on the life of Pirates legend Roberto Clemente. The musical will have its world premiere in October at Point Park University.

Point Park president leads students on bike tour of city
CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA; Aug. 13, 2014

Sarah Arbogast details Point Park President Paul Hennigan's annual bike ride with student leaders that takes them around the heart of the city.

Keeping kids sharp during the summer
Pittsburgh Today Live; July 11, 2014

Point Park University Professor Sharna Olfman talks about how to keep children sharp during the summer months when they're away from the classroom.

Owners of popular Market Street Deli to open Hundred Wood restaurant Downtown
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 17, 2014
Mark Belko lets readers know about Hundred Wood, a new restaurant from Dennis and Melody Scott that's coming to the Point Park University campus.

Renoir-inspired statue makes debut at PPG Plaza
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 10, 2014
Sarah Schneider writes about the installation of a Seward Johnson statue at PPG Plaza. The ribbon-cutting ceremony included a dance routine performed by Point Park University students.

'Thrilled' Point Park duo to dance in national festival
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 4, 2014
Mary Hornak highlights Point Park graduates Jennifer Florentino and John Michael O'Neill, who took part in the National College Dance Festival as both dancers and choreographers at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Costume designer retiring after 36 years with Pittsburgh Playhouse
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; May 25, 2014
Alice T. Carter profiles costume designer Don DiFonso, who is retiring after 36 years with Point Park University's Pittsburgh Playhouse.

Theme-park performers learn Broadway-class lessons in shows
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 24, 2014
Rachel Weaver showcases Point Park University alums on Broadway who got their start acting in showcases at Kennywood and IdleWild Park & SoakZone.

Point Park University-produced movie 'The Umbrella Man' to premiere at Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival
'Burgh Vivant; May 21, 2014
Brian Edward writes about Point Park's role in developing "The Umbrella Man" and its upcoming film festival screening.

Point Park initiative celebrates 2nd year
New Pittsburgh Courier; May 19, 2014
Christian Morrow details the continued work of Point Park University and Herman Reid in encouraging students attending urban schools to consider careers in accounting and finance.

Point Park University Experimenting With Google Glass High-Tech Specs
CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA; April 29, 2014
Sarah Arbogast looks at the School of Business' efforts to teach students about Google Glass and its potential uses.

Point Park University credited with revitalizing Downtown neighborhood
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; April 27, 2014
Debra Erdley writes about Point Park University's long-term plan to build up its presence in Downtown Pittsburgh, and the impact it's had on the community.

Point Park's prestigious dance program marks 10 years of an annual Downtown showcase
City Paper; April 16, 2014
Steve Sucato writes about the Point Park University dance program and the 10th anniversary of its marquee showcase at the Byham Theater.

A real challenge for Point Park dancers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; April 16, 2014
Sara Bauknecht looks at Point Park's annual mixed repertory program at the Byham Theater.

Point Park student agency to help nonprofits connect
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; April 15, 2014
Joyce Gannon details the launch of Wood Street Communications, a student-run agency at Point Park that works with nonprofit groups.

Exhibit offers unique 'Visions' from women artists
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; April 6, 2014

Kurt Shaw writes about the "Visions and Revelations" exhibit on display in Lawrence Hall in celebration of the founding of the National Association of Women Artists.

"OK Google Glass, how can we change higher education? (Video)"
Pittsburgh Business Times; April 3, 2014

Justine Coyne writes about Amanda Munsch, Point Park University's School of Business outreach coordinator, who is one of 8,000 people selected by Google Inc. to test its Googe Glass product.

"The Chair documents the making of comedy films around Pittsburgh"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; April 3, 2014

Michael Machovsky chronicles the making of "The Chair," while offering details on the involvement of numerous Point Park University students and alumni.

"On location with The Chair"
NEXT Pittsburgh, March 25, 2014

Michele Fetting writes about Point Park University graduate Lisa Smith-Reed, who encouraged producer Chris Moore to bring "The Chair" project to her alma mater.

"Point Park indie band recording full-length album"
Whirl Magazine; March 2014

Christine Tumpson urges readers to listen to Nevada Color, a band that includes four Point Park University students.

"Pittsburgh's father of professional ballet - and of Point Park's dance program - retires"
Pittsburgh City Paper; Dec. 4, 2013

Steve Sucato profiles dance professor Nicolas Petrov, who retired after teaching dance for more than four decades at Point Park.

"Stana finds support while juggling many obligations"
Pittsburgh Business Times: Nov. 15, 2013
Point Park University alumnus Ryan Stana is profiled in "Focus: CEO University Class of 2013."

"Hecuba at Point Park Conservatory"
Pittsburgh City Paper; Nov. 13, 2013
Critic Michelle Pilecki has nothing but high praise for the Conservatory Theatre Company's production of the Greek tragedy, "Hecuba."

"If you build it, they will come - they always have"
Pittsburgh Business Times; Nov. 8, 2013
Paul Hennigan visits Pittsburgh's economic evolution, from its beginnings at Fort Pitt to Point Park University's own urban campus.

"Film notes: 'Veterans Breakfast Club' documentary to premiere at Point Park Monday"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Nov. 7, 2013

"Movies with local ties"
Pittsburgh Tribune Review; Nov. 6, 2013
Christopher Rolinson, associate professor of photography and photojournalism, premiers his moving documentary on WWII vets at Point Park University.

"Holiday shoppers may have to closely monitor their credit cards this shopping season"
KDKA TV; Nov. 1, 2013
Professor of business management Elaine Luther offers expertise on holiday shopping and the importance of avoiding credit card debt.

"Halloween shopping is boost to economy"
KDKA-TV: Oct. 31, 2013
School of Business professor Elaine Luther visits Costume World in the Strip to discuss how Halloween shopping can mean a boost to the economy.

"Oklahoma! at Point Park Conservatory"
Pittsburgh City Paper; Oct. 23, 2013
Pittsburgh City Paper raves about the Conservatory Theatre Company's production of "Oklahoma!" directed by Broadway star Patrick Cassidy.

"Prague Writers' Festival opening in Pittsburgh; first time in U.S."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Oct. 17, 2013

"E.L. Doctorow heads a roster of authors visiting town for the Prague Writers' Festival"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Oct. 16, 2013

"An international festival goes Pittsburgh, plus visits from name authors and rising talents"
Pittsburgh City Paper; Sept. 11, 2013

"Fall Arts: Lineup of speakers confirms Pittsburgh as literary hub"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Sept. 18, 2013
A round up of coverage about the Prague Writers' Festival, an international gathering of writers, poets, historians and journalists, which made its first appearance in the U.S. and was hosted by Point Park University.

"Preview: 'Oklahoma' puts Shirley Jones' son Patrick Cassidy in touch with the past"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Oct. 17, 2013

Broadway star Patrick Cassidy talks about directing "Oklahoma!"at Point Park University

"Winterize your wardrobe"
Dance Spirit Magazine; Oct. 2013
Dance Spirit magazine interviewed Point Park University dancers for a photo feature on comfortable warm-ups to rehearse in.

"School communities should be inspiring"
Pittsburgh Business Times; Sept. 13, 2013
Brent Dean Robbins, Ph.D. and Robert McInerney, Ph.D of the School of Arts and Sciences reflect on what it means for schools to be safe and inspiring.

"A college education's return on investment"
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Aug. 20, 2013
Point Park University president Paul Hennigan reflects on the college experience as he readies his son for his freshman year.

"President Hennigan's annual student bike trip"
KDKA Pittsburgh Today Live; Aug. 15, 2013

"First Person/Grab a bike and go"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Aug. 10, 2013
For Point Park University president Paul Hennigan, there's no better way to learn about Pittsburgh than biking its shores.

"Voice of citizen journalism getting louder"
Pittsburgh Business Times; Aug. 9, 2013
Heather Starr-Fiedler, associate professor of multimedia in the School of Communication, discusses the importance of citizen journalism 10 years after the concept came to be.

"Lichens Take a Likin' to Upper St. Clair Trees"; July. 23, 2013
Lichen research conducted by Matthew Opdyke, associate professor of environmental science in the School of Arts and Sciences, is cited.

"Dick's Sporting To Open Niche Store In Cranberry"
KDKA-TV; July. 9, 2013
School of Business professor, Elaine Lutheroffers insights on the niche market being targeted by Dick's Sporting Goods with their new field and stream store.

Paul Hennigan, president of Point Park, featured on the PNC Business Journal
KQV Radio; May 13, 2013