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The Point
Fall 2013

"Classroom theory designs are lovely on paper and should never be discredited. But what Point Park teaches is professionalism," says Lindsey Mayer (COPA '12) "That is the reputation that follows me to each job I take. Other schools may teach design, but Point Park teaches you how to be a designer." Since her graduation last year, Mayer has worked at Philadelphia's Walnut Street theatre as part of their professional scenic art apprenticeship. "I have also been expanding my theater network by meeting with Broadway designer Tobin Ost (Newsies, Jekyll and Hyde) and going to events like USITT (United States Institute for Theater Technology) which led me to my [2013] summer job as the scenic charge at New York Stage and Film.

Professional Credentials

"The highlight of my career as a scenic design student, without a doubt, was being chosen to design for The REP," recalls Mayer. "When students work on those shows, they generally assist professional designers," recalls Mayer. "But my teachers and the Playhouse staff recognized my passion and professionalism. I was given the opportunity to be the one and only scenic designer for The Lonesome West, directed by Kim Martin, in my junior year. It also was my first professional credit as a designer with professional reviews in the city papers. What I remember most, besides how much fun I had, was not feeling like a student but a valued member of that production team. That is worth everything to me and I hold onto that pride every day. Steffi (Mayer-Staley), my set design mentor, taught me curiosity and playfulness. She pulled me out of my shell and showed me you cant be afraid to voice opinions, play with far-fetched ideas, and sometimes be a little silly. In short, she taught me to have fun with my designs while always staying true to your artistic integrity."

Text by Cheryl Valyo
Photo by Martha Rial
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