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Osteria internsThe Point
Spring 2013

Graduating senior Zoe Sadler loves the gnocchi and pizza. Junior Alec Robertson swears by the meatball sub. The two agree that, as a new dining destination in the heart of campus, Osteria 100's food and atmosphere can't be beat.

Both advertising and public relations majors, Robertson and Sadler have spent the past two semesters working together as interns along side Osteria 100's marketing department and restaurant staff to promote the new restaurant to fellow students. They've gained real-world experience and more than a few good meals along the way.

"From the moment you walk into Osteria 100, you can tell that it's a super hip, relaxed place to eat," says Sadler, who is also a double major in multimedia. "The staff is very friendly. I feel like I know someone when I walk in, and that makes it a fun place to visit."

Robertson says that the restaurant staff has reached out to support the interns in their efforts to market the location to fellow students. "Chef Matt McClelland loves having students come in and he's always happy to spend time talking with them," according to Robertson, who with Sadler, has organized groups of student diners to try out the menu.

The interns spent the fall semester doing research to assess student impressions about the new restaurant, and have initiated various incentives such as coupons and group discounts. According to Robertson, who will be joined by new interns during the upcoming academic year, "we have plans to promote Osteria 100 during Orientation 2013 through group presentations to incoming freshmen, incentives and more."

Sadler and Robertson agree, the internship has provided opportunities to be creative and gain experience that will be helpful in the transition into the professional world. "This has been a wonderful opportunity to work on a very self-directed, self-motivated project," says Sadler. "I have had the chance to make pitches and organize presentations for many different groups of people, from students to Point Park President Paul Hennigan, and that's been a great experience," says Robertson.

The reviews from student diners? "I haven't talked to anyone who has visited and been disappointed," says Robertson. "Students are definitely happy with the food and happy with the environment at Osteria 100."

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Text by Cheryl Valyo
Photo by Chris Rolinson
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