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CinDigArtsIMG_1277 croppedAt the Movies

Point Park alumni, faculty and students help boost Pittsburgh's burgeoning film industry

Pittsburgh is now a magnet for film and television production, and Point Park plays an important role behind the scenes. The University's role increased significantly with the establishment of the Cinema and Digital Arts Department, part of the Conservatory for Performing Arts. Point Park now offers three degrees - cinema production, screenwriting and digital arts - and a widening pool of talented students and graduates.

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Playing a Leading Role Behind the Scenes

Alumni help make movies happen in the Steel City

Even before students leave the cinema and digital arts program, their teachers become colleagues, says Kevin Kauffman, a young director, producer and editor. Just three years out of college, Beverly Cole has already turned down work. This year the 2007 graduate said 'no' to opportunities in other cities to serve as production secretary on the feature film One for the Money, starring Katherine Heigl, which recently wrapped production in Pittsburgh.

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class_4955017128_fdf42cb479_bEquipping the Digital Classroom

Education Department helps faculty and students harness new tools for teaching and leaning

Point Park received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to purchase state-of-the-art laptops, digital and flip video cameras, and specialized software to enable faculty and students to integrate new technology into traditional teaching methods.

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PPU Blvd Eve View Final

A Park Grows in Downtown Pittsburgh

Construction begins on urban green space at Wood St. and the Boulevard of the Allies

Construction on the University's much-anticipated urban park is under way and expected to be completed by fall 2011. Site preparation and preliminary construction began in fall 2010 on the corner park, a distinctive outdoor gathering spot that will feature trees, plantings and a colonnade that will wrap the sides of two University buildings.

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schutte_rial962Retail King

Alumnus Russell Schutte leads regional Macy's stores

Russell Schutte (COM 1971) wanted to be a journalist, but his rapid rise in the world of retail got in the way. Today, Schutte is senior vice president and regional director of stores at Macy's. "There's never a dull moment," he says. "I just love the action of retail."

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