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Remarkable Growth

We are so glad to see the continued growth of Point Park, which appears to be becoming an even bigger part of Downtown Pittsburgh! Seeing all the improvements and new development, well, it's nothing short of remarkable. Remembering our humble roots, it is rewarding beyond words to see Point Park's bright future. We are proud of everyone there. Keep up the outstanding work!

We recently received a letter from Point Park's president [focusing on] 'Why I Give' to Point Park University. The timing was remarkable, as we were preparing to make our annual gift. It is a wonderful idea to 'keep in touch' with the many alumni who consider their education at Point Park so important to their success in life, and love to hear about the University's plans for the future.

We remember that western Pennsylvania winters can be tough (and that's whether the six-time world champion Pittsburgh Steelers win again, or not!) A 'spring break' of sunshine can be very a very positive way to 're-charge.' Lambda Chi Alpha, my Point Park fraternity, had a group that went to Florida almost every year. We recommend a road trip to the Sunshine State!

Bill Bruun and Cabrini Bruun (A&S 1969)
Ft. Myers, Fla.

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