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Supplier Information and Resources

Becoming a Supplier

Point Park University welcomes new suppliers, especially those with innovative products or services that will improve quality and reduce costs.

The University purchases goods and services of the best value,  defined as the optimum combination of quality and price. In order to obtain this value, the Risk Management and Procurement Department relies on supplier expertise in their given commodity field, practices value analysis, and is receptive to supplier suggestions regarding potential areas for cost savings.

If you are interested in doing business with Point Park University, please review the Supplier Code of Conduct Policy, the information on Doing Business with Point Park University, and Delivering to Point Park University first. You may also review the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Once you are familiar with how to work with the University,you may contact Linda Stojan (412-392-8076) in the Risk Management and Procurement Department. In person meetings are by appointment only.

A meeting or phone conversation does not guarantee business or that the firm will be placed on any bid lists. The University will contact your business if and when a need arises for the product and/or service. The information collected may be shared with the appropriate University department and the rest of the Risk Management and Procurement staff.

Read about the University's commitment to sustainability in the Academic Village master plan and throughout the campus.

Supplier Performance

Although price is often a determining factor in supplier selection, past performance in terms of delivery, quality, and responsiveness may outweigh pricing when justified by the nature of the contract. Therefore, your efforts to deliver when promise, to provide quality goods, and to respond seriously and promptly to complaints, etc., are duly noted and may be rewarded by follow-on business.  In addition, many current suppliers have agreements with the University that include KPI's or other objective performance measures. Continued gaps in these measurements, i.e, failure to perform in accordance with the agreement terms, may be grounds for default and removal from the University's preferred supplier listing and/or from invitation lists for future competitive bids.

Competitive Bidding Policy

The University competitively bids and/or negotiates the terms of commodity and service requirements on behalf of the University. During the competitive bidding and/or negotiation process, all communications with potential vendors are lead by the Risk Management and Procurement Department in an effort to provide a level playing field for all vendors engaged in the process and to maintain confidentiality of these communications. If you are involved in a competitive bidding process with the University, please do not communicate with individual evaluation team members unless specifically requested to do so by the Risk Management and Procurement Department. 

As a private institution, the University is not required by law to select the "lowest" bid. Rather, we strive to obtain the "best evaluated" bid in terms of price, terms, satisfaction, adherence to specifications, and ability to meet delivery requirements.

Professional Affiliations

Risk Management and Procurement engages with the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) and the Institute for Supply Management (ISM)-Pittsburgh. As members of the professional organizations, we adhere to the Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct available at


Point Park University employees are prohibited from accepting gifts from suppliers. While we appreciate the intent of an offered gift, we prefer your continued support in providing the University with the highest quality goods and services at the most competitive price possible.