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Doing Business with Point Park

Proposals and Quotations

The University utilizes a mixture of informal quotations and formal RFQs/RFPs, dependent upon the projected dollar amount and complexity of a particular commodity/service. Responses to quotations must be returned directly to Procurement and Business Services, not to the requesting department. This policy serves to protect confidential pricing information provided by the supplier and also ensures that each supplier will be treated fairly in procurement decisions. Vendors who decline to bid on a particular project are asked to notify Procurement and Business Services via facsimile or email. Any bid received after the specified due date will be considered non-responsive.

Purchase Orders

A properly executed purchase order or a University credit card is required to procure the majority of the goods and services for the University. The purchase order number must be provided, either in writing (preferred) or verbally, before any items are shipped or services provided. Contracts are sometimes used as a substitute commitment document, e.g., for equipment leases. All invoices related to a purchase order must bear an authorized purchase order number. The University will not be held financially responsible for any invoicing that does not bear an authorized purchase order number, when applicable.


All contracts and agreements must bear the signature of an authorized agent of the University. Any contract $10,000 or more must be signed by the senior vice president of finance and operations in order to be considered an enforceable agreement. Department directors/chairs may sign agreements under $10,000.  Please verify that your copy of the agreement contains the appropriate signature prior to proceeding with your work. All invoices related to a contract or agreement must bear an agreement number.  The University will not be held financially responsible for invoicing that does not bear an agreement number, when applicable.


Invoices should be directed to the Accounts Payable Department, Point Park University, 201 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, in a timely fashion.  The University's standard payment terms are Net 30 days unless otherwise negotiated on an individual contract basis.  The University is exempt from the payment of state sales tax on most purchases.  Requests for tax exemption certificates should be directed to the Business Office at 412-392-3966.

Delivery Status Updates

Procurement and Business Services will call routinely to inquire about the status of deliveries, particularly those that have exceeded the expected due date. Please remember that "on-time" delivery is a key component of supplier evaluation; poor delivery will preclude a supplier from receiving future business.


Please follow any delivery instructions referenced on the purchase order and supporting documents. Please note that University deliveries are to be shipped "FOB, Destination." No exceptions will be made to this policy. Standard delivery hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Purchase order numbers should be referenced on the outside of all packages to facilitate identification by the mailroom.

Return of Merchandise

The University reserves the right to return, at the supplier's expense, any merchandise that does not meet quality standards, technical specifications, or other conditions stated on the commitment document.

Equipment Provided for Evaluation

No equipment can be provided for evaluation without prior approval by Procurement and Business Services. The University requires that an equipment evaluation agreement be signed by the lending vendor before any equipment is delivered to campus. The University will not be held responsible for the proper use and return of any item provided for evaluation without prior written approval from Procurement and Business Services and signature of both parties on the equipment evaluation agreement.