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PointWebWelcome! This page is designed to help clarify the terms that are used most often in the Student Accounts Office. You may hear employees mentioning these terms, or you may seem them in writing through letter and email correspondences. Hopefully this page will be a useful tool in helping you manage your student account.

Please feel free to contact us about any of the information listed below. Phone: 412-392-3424 or email:

Terms and Definitions:

  • A/R (Accounts Receivable) Refund Check- A check mailed to the student or parent as a result of a credit balance on a student account. Credit balances are normally the result of excess financial aid, including student loan disbursements or an overpayment made on a student account.
  • Authorized Payer- A person(s) who is authorized by a Point Park student to view online student account information and make payments via PointWeb. Authorized Payers must be set up by the student through PointWeb. Parents and other third parties making payments cannot set themselves up as Authorized Payers.
  • Board Charges- Charges assessed to students each academic semester for meals.
  • Bookstore Charge- A charge that appears on a student account when a student purchases books and supplies at the Point Park University Bookstore using financial aid in excess of tuition, fee and room and board charges. Students who have credit balances on their accounts generated by excess financial aid can go directly to the bookstore to charge books and supplies during certain dates each semester. For more information and specific dates, visit the Student Accounts web page through this link: Bookstore Charges
  • Buckley Amendment- A release of information request used to grant permission to the Student Financial Services Office to discuss student account and financial aid details with parents or other individuals. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulates access to student records. This form can be found online via PointWeb under the Student Accounts section.
  • Business Hold- A Business Hold is placed on a student account that is delinquent. A Business Hold prohibits students from registering for future semesters, from receiving official transcripts and/or receiving diplomas.
  • Employer Reimbursed Tuition Agreement (Corporate Reimbursement) - Employer reimbursement is often referred to as corporate reimbursement. This agreement permits eligible students to defer payment of the employer/corporate reimbursed portion of tuition charges for approximately six months past the tuition due date. This agreement must be completed every semester and submitted with a letter from the student's employer. A nonrefundable processing fee is charged each semester and must also be submitted with the agreement. For more information visit the Student Accounts web page through this link:
    Employer Reimbursement
  • Late Fee - A monthly fee is assessed to all delinquent student accounts.
  • Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership Discount - A tuition discount granted to students who are employees of companies belonging to the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. Students should check with their Human Resources Office regarding special discounts available to Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership companies. Students must submit a letter from their employer each semester.
  • Required Fees - A fixed sum charged to students for items not covered by tuition. This includes university fees, activity fees and any specialized instructional fees required by academic departments.
  • Room Charges - Charges assessed to students each academic semester for University supported housing.
  • Student Account- An account created for every Point Park student used to manage billing and payment of tuition and fees. Financial aid, including scholarships, grants and loans are credited to this account. Federal Work-study and Apprenticeships are not credited to the student account. Instead, eligible students are paid directly for hours worked. Students have access to their student accounts via PointWeb.
  • Student Account Financial Clearance - Financial Clearance is granted when a student account is paid in full by the semester tuition due date through financial aid awards, payments, or a tuition payment plan. Financial Clearance is needed each semester. A student cannot receive a current semester sticker on his/her ID card without having student account clearance. A current semester sticker is needed for students to have access to all Point Park University buildings and facilities.
  • Third Party Billing - Third-party payments include such things as Office of Vocational Rehabilitation students, Veterans Administration students and direct billings to companies across the country that provide tuition benefits to their employees.
  • Tuition - The amount of money charged to students for instructional services. Generally, full-time undergraduate students are charged per semester. Graduate students are charged per credit. Exceptions for specialized programs may exist.
  • Tuition Promissory Note (Payment Plan) - An agreement that allows students to divide current semester tuition, fee and room and board charges into equal monthly payments over the course of each semester or year. This agreement must be completed every semester. A nonrefundable application fee is charged for participation in the payment plan and must be submitted with the agreement. For more information on payment plans, please visit the Student Accounts web page through this link: Payment Plans
    Also see: Glossary of Financial Aid Terms