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Release of Information Form:

In accordance with FERPA, commonly referred to as the Buckley Amendment, Point Park University is not permitted to release personally identifiable information to any person other than the student without the student's specific, written permission.

The Student Financial Services Office must have a completed Release of Information Form on file to discuss student account and financial aid information with anyone other than the student.  The form can be completed online via PointWeb.

To complete a Release of Information Form:

1.) Log in to PointWeb
2.) Select "Students" tab
3.) Select "Student Accounts"
4.) Select "Other Forms"
5.) Select "Release of Information Request"

Students can choose to change or cancel the form by submitting a written request to the Student Financial Services Office.


Adding Authorized Payers:

As many students have a parent or third party making regular payments on their behalf, it is essential to set up authorized payers in order to receive e-bills and to grant them access to view the student's account. Parents or any other third parties who make regular payments on a student account MUST be added by the student as an authorized payer to make payments online as well as to receive e-bills through email.

To add an authorized payer to an account:

1.) Log in to PointWeb
2.) Select "Students" tab
3.) Select "Student Accounts"
4.) Select "Payment Center"
5.) Select "Manage Account"
6.) Select "Authorized Payers"
7.) Select "Add New"

Please contact the Office of Student Accounts with any further questions or concerns: