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The Office of Student Accounts uses direct deposit as the primary method for disbursement of student refunds. Point Park RefundSelect, serviced by Heartland ECSI, is a streamlined refund process that enables students to receive their refunds faster and more securely than paper checks. Students will receive an email from Heartland ECSI RefundSelect with a Heartland Key that will enable you to log in to Point Park RefundSelect and get started. Once you have enrolled, you can log in to manage your banking information and check on refund activity at any time.

For more information about refunds, please visit the Office of Student Accounts Student Refunds page.

FAQ's-Point Park RefundSelect

A: Due to recent changes in the Department of Education's Cash Management Regulations, effective June 30, 2016, PNC Bank can no longer be the University's refund servicer.
A: Yes, you must complete login to Heartland ECSI RefundSelect and setup your account preferences to receive direct deposit.
A: Yes, you are encouraged to set up your account as soon as you receive the Heartland Key in your Point Park email, as this will prevent delays in processing any future direct depsoits.
A: No. Point Park will do this for you automatically.
A: Point Park RefundSelect is a service that provides fast, convenient processing of student refunds from financial aid or other sources on their student account. Point Park RefundSelect enables a student to have any refunds deposited directly into an existing bank account. No problems with lost checks, an old address or waiting for the mail.

A: You have two options:

  1. Direct Deposit into your current bank account.
  2. Paper Check is the default if no faster option is selected. However, you should still log into RefundSelect to verify your address to ensure your refund check is mailed to your current address. If you wish to update your RefundSelect address, you must complete a change of address form with the Registrar's Office. If you choose this option, please allow an additional 7 - 10 days for processing and mailing.
A: Students will receive an email through their Point Park University email account with a Heartland Key. This key enables a student to log in to Point Park RefundSelect and set up contact information and payment preference. When you log in, have your bank account information available too, so you can set up Direct Deposit-the fastest way to receive your refunds. You'll need the bank routing number and the account number, which can be found at the bottom of your checks.
A: Retrieve your Heartland Key at Heartland RefundSelect or call 1-844-760-6052.
A: Log in to Point Park RefundSelect as soon as you receive your Heartland Key, so that you are set up and don't have to worry about it later. That way, if you are eligible for a refund, it can be deposited directly into your bank account.
A: The advantages of having your refund deposited directly into your bank account is that you will receive your refund faster, more securely, and you do not need to worry about whether your address is current.
A: You will receive an email notification from to the email address you provided when funds are ready to be sent to your bank account. When you receive this message, you can check your bank account online, at an ATM or at your bank's branch office.

A: Yes, when you log in to set up your account, just click on the Refund Disbursements link and complete the information. You can use Point Park RefundSelect to change/update your banking information at anytime.


A: No. There are no fees for students using this service, regardless of which payment option is selected.
A: No. The University's policy is that all refund checks must be sent through Heartland ECSI, which services Point Park RefundSelect.
A: A refund check will be mailed to the address you have on file at Point Park University. Remember to allow up to two additional weeks for check processing and mailing. For a faster refund, it is recommended that you sign up for Direct Deposit on Point Park RefundSelect.
A: Not at this time.
A: For questions about Point Park RefundSelect, call Heartland ECSI at 1-844-760-6052. For questions regarding refund eligibility or the amount of your refund, please contact Point Park University, Office of Student Accounts, at 412-392-3444.