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The Blackboard course management platform brings the latest in proven educational technology tools to Point Park University by making class content available to students via the Internet. Because it is web-based, it also makes course materials readily available to students any time they wish.

Point Park University uses Blackboard Enterprise 9.1, a course management software that provides many of the latest Web 2.0 technologies to students for learning such as: blogs, wikis and Instant Messaging. The GROUP feature allows students to break into smaller teams to communicate and collaborate on projects. Blackboard facilitates expanded coverage and interaction with subjects by supporting video and audio from a wide variety of web sources including podcasts and v-casts.

For 100% Online courses at Point Park University, all course materials, teacher-to-student and student-to-student interaction take place using the Blackboard System.

Blackboard is also an integral part of hybrid courses at Point Park University too. Hybrid courses are a mix of online coursework and traditional face-to-face classes. Course materials and online interaction such as discussion forums are conducted in Blackboard, but students also attend classes on campus.

Even traditional face-to-face courses use the Blackboard platform as a supplement to a course by posting information such as: a course syllabus, handouts and faculty contact info.

Point Park University is committed to providing the student and faculty with the latest in proven educational technology that will enhance and expand the learning experience. Point Park is also dedicated to providing students and faculty with support in the use of those technologies and tools to optimize the teaching experience.

The URL of Point Park University's Blackboard site is at Both students and faculty will use their e-mail username (without the "" and email password to login to Blackboard. For student support on logging in, contact the IT Help Desk at x3494 in Room 406 AH or e-mail New faculty or faculty with questions about Blackboard should contact the Instructional Technologist at x6178.