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Please read all of the material on this page.

Reservation Guidelines

The following guidelines listed below apply to all individuals reserving multimedia equipment. This is to ensure that equipment is not misplaced, damaged, or stolen, and to make certain that responsibility is taken when reserving equipment.

  1. It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate office to reserve a room or location such as the JVH auditorium. Office numbers are listed in the Point Park phone book.
  2. A Point Park employee may only request equipment for University use in Academic, Lawrence, Patterson and Thayer Halls and the University Center. We cannot deliver multimedia carts and computers to the Library Center, but we can deliver projectors if needed.
  3. Requests made by students cannot be accepted, however a student may have a University employee request
  4. Requests must be made at least one week in advance. We cannot guarantee equipment availability or delivery for last minute requests. Requests for the current semester will only be accepted.
  5. Equipment can only be delivered during office hours. Pending equipment availability, equipment may be stored in a secure location overnight if it must be reserved for times when the Media Services is closed.
  6. Requests cannot be accepted for dates when the University is closed or during University holidays due to staffing.
  7. Employees reserving equipment are not permitted to take the equipment off campus grounds nor are they permitted to have another individual take equipment off campus grounds.
  8. To ensure reservations are delivered on time please use a start time that is one-half hour earlier than you actually need the equipment. Please make sure someone is at the delivery location at that time. Equipment setup varies depending on what is reserved and normally takes about fifteen minutes.
  9. All individuals reserving equipment are responsible for operating the equipment. We only are staffed to deliver equipment. Any individual may request a tutorial session by contacting the Media Services Manager using the contacts page and setting up an appointment. In addition, individuals are responsible for knowing how their own personal laptops operate when connected to LCD projectors or multimedia equipment. Our staff will try to help with technical issues.
  10. Once the equipment is delivered to the location you have designated, you are responsible for the equipment, regardless if you are present at the location or absent, and for the safe return of the equipment.
  11. Equipment can be returned by one of the following ways:
  • Contact the Media Services & Office at (412) 392-6160
  • Return the equipment to the Media Services on the 5th floor of Academic Hall
  • Make special arrangements by calling (412) 392-6159

Please note that if you contact the Media Services to have a Media Assistant pickup the equipment, someone must stay with the equipment until the Media Assistant arrives.


Equipment Usage Guidelines

LCD Projectors

Any adjusting legs attached to an LCD projector are not to be removed for any reason.

  1. LCD projectors contain fragile lens assemblies that can easily be jarred out of alignment. This can occur if the projectors are shaken or placed on a surface that has significant vibration. Please make sure the projector is placed on a surface that will not cause any such damage.
  2. Projectors may be propped up to adjust the height of the image, however the support must be sturdy enough to support the projector's weight and not risk collapsing.
  3. All projector heat dissipation vents must be clear and not blocked when the projector is in operation.
  4. Projectors must be placed on a sturdy solid surface.
  5. Correct cabling or power cords are not to be interchanged or substituted.
  6. All projectors are only to be used for the application for which they are designed.
  7. Food items and beverages are not permitted near LCD projectors for any reason.
  8. Multimedia Computer Workstations and Laptops
  9. Only software installed by the Information Technology department is to be used. Software of any type is not permitted to be installed.
  10. Changes made to the desktop such as saving files will be discarded at power down or log off.
  11. Please check the metal cover of all diskettes inserted into the floppy disk drive. A bent cover may result in the disk getting stuck, possibly damaging the floppy disk drive and/or the diskette.
  12. The computer case is not to be opened at anytime for any reason. If you suspect a problem please contact the Media Services for assistance at 412-392-6160.
  13. Food items and beverages are not permitted near multimedia workstations for any reason.

Multimedia Carts

  1. Keys for the cart doors are not available because of the limited number of keys and the possibility that lost keys cannot be replaced.
  2. Any cabling or wiring attached to multimedia carts is not to be removed for any reason. If you need additional cabling or cabling not attached to a multimedia cart please contact the Media Services at (412) 392-6160.
  3. Carts may not be requested for or delivered to rooms without handicap accessible ramps. Requests for TVs that require lifting a cart up stairs will not be delivered.
  4. Multimedia carts are not to be used to transport items other than equipment attached by Media Services staff.
  5. Multimedia carts must be kept free from trash at all times.