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Point Park is now fully transitioned to Schoology

Schoology LogoSchoology has been chosen to replace Blackboard as the university's main Learning Management System. Beginning in Fall 2018, all courses will be taught using Schoology. 

Schoology at Point Park University

Schoology is the new Learning Management System at Point Park, providing students, faculty, and staff the tools and resources needed for in-person and online teaching and learning. Schoology includes tools that faculty and students have come to depend on, such as assignments, discussion boards, announcements and tests, while offering new features, reliable uptime, and more opportunities to connect across courses. Schoology is a cloud-based system, bringing users relevant and useful new features, and is designed to be used online, on mobile, and on tablet.

For fully online courses at Point Park University, all course materials, teacher-to-student and student-to-student interaction take place using the Schoology system. Schoology is also an integral part of hybrid courses at Point Park University. Hybrid courses are a mix of online course work and traditional face-to-face classes. Course materials and online interaction such as discussion forums are conducted in Schoology, but students also attend classes on campus. Even traditional face-to-face courses use the Schoology platform as a supplement to a course by posting information such as: a course syllabus, handouts and faculty contact info, as well as offering online quizzes and assignments.

Getting Started

Instructors:  View our guide on accessing Schoology  (PDF), or sign up for training, or view Schoology Help Guides.
Students:  View our guide on accessing Schoology  (PDF), or view Schoology Help Guides.


More Information

If you need help with Schoology, you have several support options:

  1. Click the Support button (the little question mark in the upper right corner of every page) in Schoology for 24/7/365 support by Schoology. You have the option to:
  • view help articles
  • submit your questions to the Schoology support team
  • live chat with a Schoology advisor, or
  • get live phone support.
  1. Contact Point Park’s Instructional Technologist at or 412-392-6178.
  2. Contact the Point Park Help Desk at 412-392-3494 or