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Registering for Disability Services

Students are responsible for following the University’s policies and procedures for requesting reasonable accommodations. To register for disability services, submit a completed Identification and Needs Assessment form and appropriate supporting documentation to Disability Services, Center for Student Success.

After reviewing submitted information, the student success coordinator for disability services will schedule an interview with the student. The student success coordinator for disability services will determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations, on a case-by-case basis, after careful review of documentation, consideration of interview findings, and if needed, consultation with the student’s health care provider/evaluator, University faculty/staff, and/or external sources.

The student success coordinator for disability services will give the student an information memo for instructors that outlines the accommodations. As soon as possible, students should deliver the memo and discuss the listed accommodations with their instructors. 

At the beginning of each semester, students must contact the student success coordinator for disability services to request on-going accommodations or to discuss adjustments to accommodations. Further, each semester students must request an information memo for instructors and then discuss the current memo with their instructors.

Students should discuss any concerns or problems related to the provision of reasonable accommodations with the student success coordinator for disability services. Students dissatisfied with the provision of accommodations through CSS may utilize the appeals process.

Contact Information

Brad Thompson
Disability Services
Center for Student Success
Point Park University
West Penn Building, 5th floor
Pittsburgh, PA  15222