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To promote competency in information retrieval and evaluation skills necessary for students' coursework and for life-long career, education, and personal information needs.

Types of Instruction:

  • Assignment-based instruction
  • Subject -based instruction
  • Library tours and orientation
  • First Year library skills/information literacy skills instruction and assessment

The Library will occasionally accommodate special requests for instruction in basic computer applications, including beginner level Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Publisher as well as logging on and navigating Pointmail, PointWeb, and Blackboard. This service is primarily for classes in the School of Adult and Professional Studies and for classes of non-traditional students who have not been required to fulfill introductory computer skills coursework (CMPS 110, CMPS 111). Please contact the library directly about this type of instruction request (412-392-3171 or

Guidelines for Faculty Requesting Instruction Sessions:
Course instructors should request a library instruction session at least one week in advance. There are exceptional circumstances that the library can accommodate on short notice, but the library may not be able to schedule a suitable computer lab, equipment, or supply sufficient handouts for last-minute sessions.

Course instructors should use the online form to Schedule Library Instruction.

If circumstances require course instructors to make an email, phone, or in-person request, course instructors must communicate the following information to the library staff: instructor name, department, email address, phone number, class name and section number, requested day, requested time, regular classroom location, number of students, objectives of instruction session, special student needs, and any special resource instruction.

Within two business days, course instructors will receive confirmation of library instruction session date, time, and instruction librarian name and contact information. Location of the library session may take longer to confirm, since computer labs are scheduled through the Registrar or Media Services.

The librarians will be responsible for scheduling the location of library instruction sessions. Location will depend on class size. For large classes, not all students may have individual computers. Locations of library instruction can include:

Library Computer Lab can accommodate approximately 15 students.
Campus Computer Labs can accommodate large classes of 15 or more.
Mobile Computer Labs can provide 18-24 laptops in most classrooms.

The course instructor's interaction with the librarian and the students helps to reinforce the objective of the library session. Therefore, the library staff requests that the course instructor be present during the library instruction session.

Course instructors should inform the library in advance of any special needs students.

If the library instruction session is assignment based, the course instructor must provide a copy of the assignment to the instruction librarian prior to the session.