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Time and time again, we hear how the hands-on teaching style and real-world experience of our faculty members sets us apart from other universities.

At Point Park University, we have nearly 140 full-time faculty prepared to teach you the skills you'll need to succeed in your chosen career field. Our faculty have excelled in their professions — and are ready to help you do the same.

In Their Own Words: Hear from Point Park Faculty

What Alumni and Students are Saying About Our Faculty

In their own words, our alumni and students from various undergraduate and graduate programs share their experiences with Point Park University faculty in the profiles below.

Pictured is Michelle Loeffler, electrical engineering technology alumna and senior project engineer for Intertek Inc. | Photo by Barbara Blossom

"The professors, especially Dr. Keller, had a very hands-on teaching style. They were very much there for me when I needed help. The professors were also very understanding of students who were working during the day and going to school at night."

- Michelle Choo Loeffler, B.S., Electrical Engineering Technology, Senior Project Engineer, Intertek USA

Pictured is alumnus Hunter Tresnicky. Photo | Josh Hedglin

"I just have to say how thankful I am to have so many great professors who have prepared me for the real world and made me ready to take a professional job even while finishing my degree."

- Hunter Tresnicky, B.A., Broadcast Reporting, News Producer, WJAC-TV

Pictured is alumna Alexandra Pernice.

"Every single one of my dance professors has given me something that I've carried with me in my career. When I teach, I think about what my professors taught me."

- Alexandra Pernice, B.A., Dance, Corps de Ballet and Meg Giry understudy, Phantom of the Opera

Pictured is organizational leadership alumna and executive director of ACH Clear Pathways, Tyian Battle. | Photo by Jim Judkis

"The professors at Point Park are patient and will understand what you are going through outside of the classroom. You will be able to build a strong relationship with them."

- Tyian Battle, B.A., Organizational Leadership, Founder and Executive Director, ACH Clear Pathways

Pictured is intelligence and national security alumnus Jeffrey Gurski.

"The intelligence and national security program is very unique in that our professors have such a deep background working in the intelligence community. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable."

- Jeffrey Gurski, B.S., Intelligence and National Security, working within the National Intelligence Community

Pictured is Amanda Trainor, elementary education alumna and English as a Second Language elementary teacher at Chartiers Valley. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

"Point Park's education professors really care about their students. Because the class sizes are smaller, they get to know you on a personal level and are there to help you out."

- Amanda Trainor, B.A., Elementary Education, English as a Second Language Specialist, Chartiers Valley School District

Pictured is Suresh Chockiah, a 2013 M.B.A alumnus and Vice President, Strategic Services and Enterprise Architecture for PNC. | Photo by Jim Judkis

"The professors all had deep knowledge in the subjects they were teaching especially Dr. Kraniou, Dr. Sidky, Dr. Maharaja and Dr. Haley. They were 100 percent dedicated and wanted to make sure the students understood the material and were able to apply it to their real lives."

- Suresh Chockiah, M.B.A., Vice President, Strategic Services and Enterprise Architecture, PNC Financial Services

Pictured is public relations and advertising student Kelli Murphy. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

"The faculty are a hard-working bunch who have my utmost respect … I've found my favorite English professor and my favorite communications professor, and they've all helped mold me into the person that I am today."

- Kelli Murphy, B.A., Public Relations and Advertising, graduated May 2015

Pictured is global cultural studies alumna Julia Franzen.

"I was so blessed at Point Park to have such stellar professors. They taught me to see the world through many different lenses and fostered in me a hunger for knowledge and truth."

- Julia Franzen, B.A., Global Cultural Studies, Logistics Coordinator, Back to the Roots

Pictured is COPA alumnus Jason Elrod.

"The cinema arts professors did an incredible job of walking us through the production and history of film. They would talk about theories of film and explain the practicalities of working in the industry."

- Jason Elrod, B.A., Cinema Arts, Editor, MTO Productions

Pictured is M.A. in clinical-community psychology student Shari Boddin. | Photo by Amanda Dabbs

"What I value and appreciate the most is that all of the professors in this program provide students with a very realistic view of the field while equipping us with the educational tools to be successful in our careers and effectively help people."

- Shari Boddin, M.S., Clinical-Community Psychology, graduated May 2015

Pictured is Munkhdelger Tsedenbal, 2014 M.B.A. alumnus and market risk analyst for XacBank. | Photo submitted by Tsedenbal

"Point Park's M.B.A. professors are exceptional professionals. All professors I took classes from had a broad knowledge in their respective areas and an exceptional skill in bringing their fascination of the subject matter to students."

- Munkhdelger Tsedenbal, M.B.A., Market Risk Analyst, XacBank

Pictured is sports, arts and entertainment student Mary Beth Cartier. | Photo by Victoria A. Mikula

"My favorite experience has been getting to know and work with my professors. They are always looking for ways to help and apply what we are learning in class to our interests."

- Mary Beth Cartier, Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management major, May 2016 expected graduation