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School of Business

Online Courses

Flexible Online, Track and Hybrid Classes

A Point Park students does work on a Mac computer.

Continuing your education can present a scheduling challenge. You may ask yourself "How can I attend classes and remain competitive at work and connected at home?"  The School of Business recognizes your time constraints and has developed a number of options to help you complete your degree by taking either online, track, and/or hybrid classes. These course options help by combining in-person and online components so you still benefit from the small class sizes and intimate learning environment of Point Park in the achievement of your degree program. 

Online Classes

Online classes are just that - completely online.  When you register on PointWeb you’ll see the letters "O N A" adjacent to the course name.  That lets you know that the course is completely online.  Make sure that you understand the expectations for students taking online courses before you sign up.

The School of Business offers many online courses through the coursebook.  In addition, 100 percent online learning options are available for the bachelor's degree, associate's degree, certificate, and minor in public administration.

The online courses offered may vary from semester but often include Business Law I, Business Law II, Human Resource Management, Principles of Management, Business Communications and Research, Intro to Entrepreneurship, Information Technology for Managers, Non-Profit Organizations, Public Administration and the Global Aspects of Entrepreneurship, among others.  Check out the current list of online courses in the coursebook.

Track Classes

Point Park offers select undergraduate classes in a track format.  Track classes meet on alternating weeks and often have an online component.  They are usually offered on weekday evenings and/or Saturdays.  A track class means that you will be in the classroom every other week and on the non-classroom weeks you meet your assignment schedule on your own time.  The out-of-classroom work may require you to be comfortable with an online environment or include other types of assignments appropriate to the subject matter.  In the coursebook, these track classes are identified as either Track A or Track B which determines the specific in-class schedule. 

Examples of track classes include undergraduate Business Law I and II, Financial Reporting and Control, Compensation, Labor and Management Relations, Electronic Commerce Management, Principles of Economics Macro and Micro, Comparative Economics Systems and Research Methods in Human Resources.

Graduate track classes may include Decision Making Tools for Leaders, Legal Environment for Business  and Marketing. Check out the current list of track classes in the coursebook.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes may include online requirements as well as out-of-classroom assignments coupled with in-class time.  These classes don’t necessarily come with a uniform schedule.  Each one is a bit different and often has an experiential learning component with you working on your own or on location actually doing what you are learning.  You might think of them as a lab course. They are all identified with “Hybrid” or with an HY designation in the coursebook.

Hybrid courses that may be offered depending on the semester could include undergraduate internships, career preparation classes and special topics courses.