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Minors and Double Majors


Add Value to Your Current Major with a Minor or Additional Major

Pictured is accounting and SAEM alumna Katie Mehall.
Meet Katie Mehall, a tax associate at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who
double majored in accounting and SAEM.

Adding a business minor in accounting, business management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, information technology, marketing and public administration (the public administration minor can be done completely online) to your current major is a great way to give yourself a competitive edge in your career and open the door to additional opportunities. 

For example, if you are majoring in dance, a business minor will strengthen your degree and provide you with business skills to help you manage your dancing career or open your own studio.

A business minor shows your potential employer that you have a foundation in business - a valuable asset in nearly any field.  

The double major does the same thing, except in hyper drive! In journalism or communications, a double major is a smart choice because much of what powers the media is grounded in their business operations.

Double majors are popular not just because they add value professionally, but also because they cost less than two separate degrees.  In most cases, the core courses count toward both degrees, making a double major much more efficient. In addition, a double major is advantageous for adding a full skill set in your specific career choice.

How much of an asset a business minor or a double major can be is something that varies based on your major and your career aspirations.  You should discuss your options with your advisor.  Once you've decided on a minor or double major, there are some simple forms to fill out to register your choice.

About Minoring:

About Double Majoring:

  • Double majors are available for just about every bachelor's degree offered. View the School of Business undergraduate degrees available.
  • Students can access the "Double Major Declaration" form on the Registrar's Office forms page;
  • The credits required in a double major depend on the majors you choose.  Check with your advisor to determine
    the exact number;
  • Double majors can be declared during your second semester;
  • Classes in your double major start at the beginning of your sophomore year; and
  • Both of your major degrees are recorded and represented on your diploma(s) and official transcript.