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Sports, arts and entertainment companies and organizations are supported financially through the sales and marketing of tickets and/or advertising and sponsorships. Students in the SAEM program taking marketing courses will learn the skills necessary to successfully manage business operations in these fields.

SAEM Alumni Working in Marketing

Our SAEM alumni working in entertainment management include

  • Robby Bell, social media manager for the Rivers Casino
  • Lucy Osinski, manager of creative development at Route One Entertainment
  • Herbie Pallotta, social media manager for Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • Melissa Redman, VP of operations and marketing at IQ Escape
  • Rebecca Shore, marketing planning specialist for Dick's Sporting Goods

Marketing Faculty, Course Work and Internships

Assistant Professors Paige Beal, M.B.A., and David Rowell, M.F.A., bring media and marketing experience to the classroom while Associate Professor Ed Traversari, M.B.A., shares his expertise in advertising, PR and social media. Dick Roberts, president of New Perspective Communications and Roberts Communications USA, also teaches marketing courses in the SAEM program.

Marketing courses in the SAEM program include:

  • Advertising, Public Relations and Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Graphic Design II
  • Media Management
  • Ticketing

Additionally, a full-semester internship, working with industry professionals, is required to complete the SAEM degree program. Multiple internships throughout the program are encouraged.

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