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Full-Time Faculty

Darlene B. Marnich, Ph.D., professor of education and chair of the education department
Richard Gutkind, Ph.D., associate professor of education and director of education graduate programs
Denise Beverina Moore, M.A., lecturer of education
Virginia Hall Chambers, Ed.D., assistant professor of education and coordinator of undergraduate education programs
Christal Chaney, Ph.D., professor of education
Stanley Denton, Ph.D., associate professor of education
Ronald Dufalla, Ph.D., lecturer of education
Elisabeth Ehrlich, Ed.D., lecturer of education
Janice Glunk, Ed.D., associate professor of education
Karen S. McIntyre, Ph.D., professor of education
Suzanne E. Miller, Ed.D., professor emeritus of education
Vincenne Revilla-Beltran, Ph.D., professor of education
Eric Stennett, Ed.D., assistant professor of education and director of the Ed.D. in leadership and administration program
Arleen Wheat, Ed.D., associate professor of special education


Andrew McIntyre, M.B.A., M.S., research associate
Office: 711 Academic Hall

Ken Mori, M.Ed., ABCTE coordinator and part-time faculty member
Office: 712 Academic Hall

Ja Nel Orwig, assistant to the chair
Office Phone: 412-392-3975
Office: 710 Academic Hall

Theresa Colonie, administrative assistant
Office Phone: 412-392-3904
Office: 714 Academic Hall

Graduate Part-Time Faculty

Undergraduate Part-Time Faculty