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School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate programs in education

Pictured is Jonathan MacDonald, Point Park secondary education alumnus and English teacher at Oakland Catholic High School. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

When the Teacher Becomes the Student…

You’ve always been out front, leading a classroom, showing your students the way to their goals. Or perhaps you’re not yet in a classroom, but want to be. You have a degree in your field and want to share that knowledge with others as a certified teacher.

At Point Park University, we welcome you to become a student again and we'll help you emerge as an expert, leader and energized and committed educator.

Our graduate education programs are for teachers who want to become principals, curriculum specialists and leaders in their schools — and for those who are seeking teaching certification for the first time. You can get certified in a new area or become an “expert” teacher in your field.

Classes are conveniently offered in a variety of delivery formats, allowing students to customize their learning experience.

Tuition Discount

Students are eligible for Point Park’s tuition discount being offered for all certificate and master's degree education programs. This tuition discount is approximately 47 percent below the standard rate for master's degree programs and 41 percent below the standard rate for certificate programs.

New and returning education certificate and master's degree students will receive this lower tuition rate as follows:

  • Discounted cost per credit: $454
  • Discounted cost for a three-credit class: $1,362

For more details on tuition and fees at Point Park for 2015-16, please visit our tuition and fees page.

Master's Degree Programs

Master of Arts:

Master of Education:

Doctoral Program

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