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Diversity Sites

Multicultural Resources
Belief Systems/Religion
Categories Defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
Gender Equity
Sexual Orientation

Peace Sites

Peace Education
Reduction of School Violence
Creating a Safe School Environment
Conflict Resolution
Bullying, Violence, and Harassment

Diversity Sites

American Civil Liberties Union -
University of Southern California Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research -
Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research -
Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education -
National Association for Multicultural Education -
Diversity Web -
Crosspoint Anti-Racism -

Multicultural Resources

Multicultural Pavilion -
Pathways to School Improvement -
African Americans in Science -
Tools to TeachTolerance -


Youth Work Links and Ideas -
Youth in Action Network -
Children's Defense Fund -
Child Rights Information Network -
The Future of Children -
Innocenti Research Centre -
Unicef Voices of Youth -
Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions -
UN Programme on Aging -
Elder Abuse and Neglect -
ElderWeb -
National Institute on Aging -
Reverse age Discrimination -
Age Discrimination -

Belief Systems/Religion

National Council for the Social Studies -
Religion Facts-
Freedom Forum -
Freedom From Religion Foundation -
World Religion Resources -
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance -
Religions, Faith Groups, & Ethical Systems -
The Directory of Hindu Resources Online -
Jewish Studies Videotapes -
The Christian Religion -
The Fellowship of the Earth - What is an Earth Religion? -
Native American Spirituality -


Amish and the Plain People -
Social Class and Social Stratification Syllabus -
Sociology Courses and Curricular Resources -
Poverty in America-
Defending Dignity-


National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities -
Specific Diagnoses Card Catalog -
Zero to Three -
Counsel fro Exceptional Children-

Categories Defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Autism Treatment Center of America: The Son-Rise Program -
Central Institute for the Deaf -
Hearing Impairment FAQ -
Deaf Education Website and Resource -
American Council of the Blind -
National Federation of the Blind -
The Arc of the United States -
Family Village -
American Physical Therapy Association -
Internet Mental Health -
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders -
ADHD Information and Support to Help Your Child -
ADD Resource Links -
One A.D.D. Place -
Smiles -
Epilepsy Foundation -
Addressing Student Problem Behavoir -
Students with Special Needs -
Siblings of persons with disabilities -
Famous persons with disabilities - http://www.familyvillage.Wisc.Edu/general/famous.html
Institute on Community Integration -
Institute on Community Integration - Related Websites -
Yoga for the Special Child -
Center for Talent Development, Northwestern University -
KidSource Online -
National Association for Gifted Children -
Roeper Review - A Journal on Gifted Education -
Talented and Gifted Bibliography -
National Association for Down Syndrome-
National Down Syndrome Society-
Cerebral Palsy Special needs Children's Organization-
National Stuttering Association (NSA)-
Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation-
Cerebral Palsy Foundation -

Gender Equity

Women's Equity Resource Center -
Advancing Women: Women in Education -
American Association of University Woment -
Feminist Majority Foundation -
Gender Equity in Education -
Gender Equity in Sports -
American Association for Affirmative Action -
Women Leaders Online and Women Organizing for Change -
Women Watch -
Sexual Abuse of Males -
Men's Issues in Academia-
National Organization for Men Against Sexism -
Fathers and Families -
Institute for Global Communications -
Reexamining the Plight of Young Males -
Girlstart -
Parenting Babies and Toddlers -
Gender Equity -
Men & Gender Equity-
United Nations Population Fund- >


American language & Culture Institutes-
Children and Bilingualism -
Dave's ESL Cafe -
Native Languages Page -
The Office of English Language Acquisition -
Terralingua -
ESL Software and Textbooks -
English Homework Help Resource Guide


Comer School Development Program -
Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources -
National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation - -
U.S. Census - Hispanic Population of the United States -
Amigos -
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet -
A Line in the Sand -
Native American Sites -
NativeWeb -
The Irish Times -
America's Stirfry -
Iranian Cultural and Information Center -
Judaism and Jewish Resources -
Human Rights Campaign -
The National Italian American Foundation -
National MultiCultural Institute -
Sister Cities International -
The International Journal of Multicultural Studies -
The United Nations -
Demography and Population Studies -
Institute of International Education -
The Library of Congress -
National Geographic Online -
Population Reference Bureau -
Social Studies School Service -
Smithsonian Institution -
U.S. Census Bureau -
U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act -
International Flags -
US Citizenship & Immigration Services-
Intercultural Development Research Association-

Sexual Orientation

New York Online Access to Health -
The Disparate Classification of Gender and Sexual Orientation in American Psychiatry -
Bridges Across the Divide -
Human Rights Campaign -
Sexual Orientation: Science, Education, Policy -
Sexual Orientation Specific Resources
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-
Gay & Lesbian Task Force-

Peace Education:

United Nations Cyberschoolbus - Peace Education -
Education for Peace International-

Reduction of School Violence:

School Violence Prevention -
Improving School Violence Prevention Programs Through Meaningful Evaluation -
Early Identification and Intervention -

Creating a Safe School Environment:

Creating a Positive School Climate -
Creating Safer Schools -
National Crime Prevention Council -
Zero Tolerance -
Violence in Schools -
United States Department of Education - 10 ways to nurture tolerance -
Maintaining a safe school environment-
Center for safe schools-


U.S. Department of Education - Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools -
National Mental Health Information Center School Violence Prevention Program -
Safe and Drug-Free Schools -
Center for the Prevention of School Violence -
About Teaching Tolerance -

Conflict Resolution:

Educators for social responsibility-


Youth and Violence Statistics -


Faculty development

Critical Issue: Realizing New Learning for All Students Through Professional Development -
Online Resources -

Talking to your Child about Hatred and Prejudice

Bullying, Violence, and Harassment

Bullying Among Children and Youth -

Technology sites

Technology Integration Channel-