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Advertising/Promotion/Membership Committee

Committee volunteers are responsible for creative dissemination of advertising (e.g., flyers, emails, website creation, U-View, etc.) and in general active and regular promotion of the Confluence Alliance. Also, for active enrollment of new members for the continued life of Confluence, it is expected that this committee will actively seek out new members, especially first-year students.

Entertainment Committee

For Confluence, "entertainment" means books (reading groups), films, lectures, guest speakers on career development, special event outings such as lectures, conferences, concerts, outdoor events, etc. This committee is expected to generate all the above by investigating and pursuing possibilities. Check out our movie and book selections.

University Involvement/Community Outreach

Confluence intends to participate and support many of Point Park University's interests, ventures and events. Part of this involvement will most certainly include other campus organizations and clubs. This committee will seek out such involvement, report on it and help generate member participation. Additionally, Confluence intends to reach out and support the community most especially in terms of volunteer opportunities for those in need.

Graduate and Career Development Committee

This committee will provide ongoing information and support to the rest of Confluence regarding potential graduate schools, GREs, internship sites and experience as well as information regarding practical career development, job fairs and networking opportunities in general found in the local community and at large.

Fundraising Committee

All of the above will require money! And so, this committee will actively seek ways to generate finances to support Confluence and facilitate all members to take part and support fundraising enterprises.