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What is Conditional Admittance?

  • Conditional admittance may be offered to select freshman applicants who do not meet the minimum admission requirements but show potential for success
  • Applicants with lower cumulative GPAs, academic GPAs, class rank, and/or standardized test scores may be offered conditional admittance
  • Conditional admittance requires that students successfully complete FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS.


  • FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS is an intensive, course designed to explore key knowledge, skills and attitudes that increase preparedness for the freshman academic experience. The FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS program will be held August 13-23, 2018.  Move-in for these students will be August 12th.
  • Students arrive on campus before the start of the fall semester in order to take course work designed to build information literacy skills and effective learning strategies.
  • Students also complete preparatory assignments prior to the start of FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS classes and complete follow-up activities during their first year.
  • Students earn two elective credits by successfully completing all FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS requirements.

Benefits for FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS students

  • Exploration of qualities that correlate with success during the freshman year and beyond
  • Opportunity for self-assessment, goal-setting and planning for change
  • Regular meetings with student success coordinators
  • Tips for thriving in an environment that values and encourages academic excellence
  • Access to a personal research coach during the freshman year
  • Ability to move into the residence halls two weeks early


  • The Foundations For Success program will be held August 13-23, 2018.
  • Fall full-time tuition charges include the tuition for the FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS course
  • $175 food service charge for students moving into the residence halls early for FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS
  • Price of assigned textbooks and materials
  • Participants must attend the Foundations for Success Pioneer Experience on August 14th. Complete details and Pioneer Experience RSVP.