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Admission option for full-time freshmen

Point Park University offers test optional admission to students who will begin as full-time, first-year students for the fall semester of 2017. Please review the explanation and eligibility criteria below to determine if you would like to pursue this option.

What is Test Optional Admission?

National research and empirical evidence has indicated that standardized tests are not always reliable predictors of academic success at the college level. Rather, a more holistic review is often more predictive based on a student's academic achievements in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and his or her contributions to school and community through activities that demonstrate leadership potential and community engagement.

Point Park University's adoption of a test optional policy in no way diminishes the careful attention to the evaluation of student credentials in the admission review process. To the contrary, this holistic review requires an even more thorough evaluation of a student's performance in all areas of high school performance and community contributions.

Who Should Apply as a Test Optional Candidate?

The test optional admission choice is for students who do not believe that their standardized test scores accurately indicate their true potential or reflect their accomplishments. These students may feel that an evaluation of their college preparatory curriculum and consideration of their extracurricular accomplishments and leadership experiences will provide a more accurate, holistic indication of successful college work and persistence to graduation.

Eligibility Criteria for Students Qualifying for Test Optional Review

    1. Student must have achieved a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.0 (4.0 Scale) by the end of their junior year of high school in college preparatory course as recommended in the Undergraduate Catalog
    2. Student must provide at least one letter of recommendation from a high school teacher, school counselor or administrator
    3. Student must submit:
  • A graded paper from a high school class OR
  • A writing sample of 500 words or less on a topic of their choice OR
  • A writing sample of 500 words or less answering the following question:
    Describe a goal that you have set for yourself that you may or may not have yet achieved. Include examples that demonstrate your work ethic toward achieving this goal, how long you have been working towards this goal, and whether your efforts thus far have been successful.

Who is Not Eligible for Test Optional Admission?

  • Home schooled students are not eligible for test optional admission because the nature of the home school environment presents difficulties in determining curricular rigor and academic engagement. All home schooled students must still submit standardized test scores.
  • Recruited student athletes are not permitted to apply test optional
  • Students who have earned their General Equivalency Degree (GED) are not eligible.
  • International students are still required to submit a completed admission application and standardized test scores as outlined on the admission pages for international students.

Questions? Contact Us!

For questions about test optional admission at Point Park University, please contact the Office of Admission at 412-392-3430 or