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Ballerinas in positionThe Pre-Professional Dance program is designed for any gifted student 16 years or older who would like to prepare for a career as a professional dancer or as a musical theatre performer. Pre-professional students will attend ballet, jazz and pointe classes at Point Park University from Monday through Friday. Students must be at least at an intermediate level to participate. Students in high school must receive written permission from the student's high school principal or guidance counselor to attend the program should they require an early release.

Program Guide : Some pre-professional students attend their regular high school classes in the morning and travel to Point Park University for ballet and jazz classes in the afternoon and evening. Attendance is recorded and a letter grade is sent to the student's guidance counselor to replace the grade for any high school electives substituted for the Pre-Professional classes attended. The credit/grade is applied toward any course at the high school's discretion.

College credit is NOT available.

Curriculum: Students can register for ballet, jazz, and pointe classes.

Sample Schedule:

  • Ballet: 2:45 to 4:15 p.m., M, T, W, H
  • Jazz: 4:30 to 6 p.m., M, T, W, H
  • Pointe: 4:45 to 5:45 p.m., H

Tuition: Tuition for the Pre-Professional Dance program is $195 per semester per every registered class. A semester typically runs 13 weeks. For example if a student registers for six class per week the total tuition would be $936 for the entire semester or 72 classes. (6 x $195 - 20% discount = $1,170).

Discounts: Only one discount per student: 10% if you register for 2 classes; 15% if you register for 3 to 4 classes; 20% for 5 or more classes; 50% Point Park student /employee; 20% college student/ Point Park alumni; and 30% Point Park employee's family.

Tuition is due by the first day of class.

Instructors: Catherine Groetzinger, Ernie Tolentino, Sarah Everhart, Jill Lazzini, Scott Romani, Ebony Cunningham, Amber Martin and Svetlana Novadron.

Methods of Payment: Check, Discover or MasterCard. Checks are made payable to Point Park University.

Scholarships: Currently scholarships are not available for the Pre-Professional Program.055

Make-up Classes: Students who miss a dance class can obtain a make-up card by calling or stopping into our office to notify us, within 24 hours of the missed class. A make-up card can be used for any Community Class dance class of the students choice. Make-up cards must be used within the same semester. Make-up cards will be placed in the student's folder until ready for use. Remember, make-up cards must be used within the same term or they are forfeited.

University Acceptance / The Conservatory of Performing Arts Dance Department

Please note that participating in the Pre-Professional Dance Program at Point Park University will NOT guarantee your acceptance into the Conservatory of Performing Art's dance programs. The audition for the Conservatory's Department of Dance is much more stringent and demanding. These classes will help you to prepare for that audition, but will NOT guarantee your acceptance. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 412-392-3456.

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To register:

Call 412-392-3456 or 1-877-932-6644:

Community Classes of Performing Arts
Point Park University
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