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Cohort Coordinator

Job Title: Cohort Coordinator
Department: Ed. D. Program
Reports to: Ed. D program director

Position Description:
Each new Ed. D. cohort will be assigned one cohort coordinator through Point Park University.  This coordinator will be responsible for meeting and communicating with each candidate on a regular basis. They will provide support for the students’ academic and professional progress.  Additionally, the coordinator will serve as a bridge to help create cohesion as each candidate progresses from one year of the program to the next.  Finally, the coordinator will also create strong relationships with the candidates.  

The role of the cohort coordinator is to provide oversight during the process of successful completion of the program, coach the student, and provide guidance and regular monitoring of progress. They will also assure that the doctoral student has demonstrated competence in each of the practicum through knowledge, skills and standards.  This relationship is designed to interweave the theory of the classroom to the application of the field. 

Duties and Responsibilities:
The cohort coordinator will work in close collaboration with the Ed. D. program director and the Chair of the Education Department to:

  • Meet with the Ed. D program director weekly.
  • Meet with each candidate at least twice per semester. This can be done either by meeting the student on campus, or meeting the student at a different location that is mutually beneficial and convenient for both the coordinator and student once per semester for an entire hour or two times for 30 minutes.
  • The cohort coordinator will contact each member of the cohort at least once per week to monitor progress, read through any classwork and provide feedback, and help the student address any problems and concerns that may arise during the length of the program. 
  • The cohort coordinator will provide two office hours per week on campus prior to the cohort’s class that meets in person once per week. 
  • The cohort coordinator will also help students as they complete the program and begin the look for new professional opportunities.  
  • The cohort coordinator will establish post-graduation connections and programs. 
  • Assist doctoral students with setting short- and long-term goals.
  • The cohort coordinator will assist in the evaluation of comprehensive presentations (not eligible for the stipend of $50.00 per student)
  • The cohort coordinator will assist the program director to assess the practicum portfolio during comprehensive presentations and assist in determining the level of proficiency and meeting the goals of the practicum experience.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:
Must hold a terminal degree of Ed. D / Ph. D or equivalent and practical knowledge of the Point Park University Ed.D. program.

Qualified applicants should forward a cover letter and resume via email to  HROffice@pointpark.edu  (preferred) or mail to:   
Point Park University
Human Resources Office
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

When responding via email please reference – COHORT COORDINATOR - in the subject line. 

Please submit documents in Rich Text (.txt) Word document (.doc) or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).

All emails submitted will receive an automatic confirmation email.  Due to some junk mail filters, the confirmation email may not reach you.  To ensure receipt of the confirmation email, utilize the return receipt option built into your email program when sending your information. 

  Due to the high volume of resumes received, Point Park University will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of your resume. If we determine that your skills and experience match the position requirements, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity further. If you do not hear from us, we encourage you to revisit our website at www.pointpark.edu for the status of the position and future opportunities. 

Posted on September 18, 2017