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You Cannot Put a Price on Your Safety

When considering a place to rent, make sure you're aware of what your area/facility/building offers.

  • Is the main building entrance door sturdy and locked, and is there an intercom or doorbell for guest access?
  • Is there a private mailbox (preferably lockable) for each apartment?
  • Is the building number visible and readable from street?
  • Is the exterior lighting sufficient?
  • Does the building have a security system?
  • Does the building have a fire escape? If not, where is the nearest emergency exit?
  • Are there two emergency exits to the street? Are they kept clear and do they open outward without a key?
  • Is emergency lighting provided?
  • Are the hallways well lit?
  • If it's a multi-unit building, are there fire extinguishers available and identified on each floor?
  • Are there handrails on all stairs?
  • Is the apartment door in good condition? Does it have a deadbolt lock and/or a security chain?
  • Are there smoke detectors in each sleeping room of the apartment?
  • Are the windows unbroken, functioning and lockable, especially on lower floors? (Bars or other security features are recommended for ground floor windows).
  • Are screens provided?
  • Does each bedroom have a minimum of one functioning exterior window?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher near the kitchen?
  • Are electrical outlets in bathroom and kitchen GFCI type?
  • Is the heating system in good functional condition?