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Renter's Guide: Things to Know...

About the facility, locale, and amenities

Keep the following items in mind when considering a place to rent. 

Are the interior rooms and building common areas reasonably clean?

Are the walls in reasonably good condition?

Is the carpet or flooring clean and in good condition?

Are the appliances gas or electric and are they in good condition?

  • Is the refrigerator clean and in good condition?

Is there sufficient lighting?

  • Do the light fixtures work?
  • Will I need to provide additional lighting?

Are there enough electrical outlets?

Does the toilet function properly and not leak?

Do the hot and cold water faucets function and not drip?

Do the sinks, shower and tub drain quickly?

Are there any signs of water damage around water fixtures or on the ceiling?

If the apartment is furnished, is the furniture in good condition?

Will my furniture fit comfortably in the apartment?

Is there sufficient closet space?

Are there any signs of infestation?

Are there laundry facilities in building?

Is there storage space available in the building?

Are the exterior grounds maintained in reasonable condition (grass/shrubs trimmed with no visible debris)?

Are there proper containers provided for trash disposal with clear instructions (pick-up schedule, recyclables, etc.)?

Who lives in the adjoining apartments and the neighborhood?

How close are grocery stores, shops, restaurants, entertainment and public transportation?