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Leading the Point Park's on-campus residential community

Resident educators, known as REs, are upper-level students who reside on each freshman floor and throughout the upperclassman suites and apartments. REs can help students work through any challenges with roommates or other residents on the floor, and assist in many ways to help ensure a smooth year.

2018-19 Resident Educators

Thayer Hall

  • 3rd Floor- Rebecca Meholick
  • 4th Floor (Honors Floor) - Taylor Colbert
  • 5th Floor- Mya Pici
  • 6th Floor - Ethan Green
  • 7th Floor- Shreya Rawat
  • 8th Floor- Sarah Pais
  • 9th Floor- Marissa Rossi

Lawrence Hall

  • 10th Floor- Kooper Shelley
  • 11th Floor- Kiara Prescott
  • 12th Floor- Kelsey Wolfe
  • 13th Floor- Austin Ubannwa
  • 14th Floor- Caroline Travers
  • 15th Floor- Caleb Gretsky
  • 16th Floor- Prim Green
  • 17th Floor- Alexis Smith
  • 18th Floor- Najiyyah Floyd
  • 20th Floor- Emmalee Stipe

Pioneer Suites

  • Lauren Killian
  • Nami Talbot

Conestoga Suites

  • Rhianna Davis
  • Nate Grossi

Boulevard Apartments (Tower A)

  • Christina Martin
  • Bree Springer

Boulevard Apartments (Tower B)

  • Kelsey Eiseman
  • Michael Ocampo