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Graduate Student Association

GSA Mission

The mission of Graduate Student Association is to create more networking opportunities between graduate students, alumni and local professionals, to promote an ambiance of integration between all graduate schools within Point Park University, and foster cross-cultural understanding.

GSA Goal

The goal of Point Park University's Graduate Student Association is to facilitate professional development, cross-industry knowledge-sharing, networking opportunities, educational opportunities and cross-cultural understanding among members from diverse academic, ethnic, and professional backgrounds.

Grow,network andunite with others in the University and beyond.

Executive Board Members for 2014/2015:


Ashley Funkhouser

Vice President

Patrick Zbasnik


Elizabeth Lang

Professional Network & Development Chair

Christina Beltran-Revilla

Communications Chair

Taleesha Johnson

COPA Chair


School of Arts & Sciences Chair


School of Business Chair

Anna-Maria Boshkova

School of Communication Chair

Ashley Kress