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Strong Women, Strong Girls is a nationally recognized mentoring program dedicated to raising the aspirations and self-esteem of elementary school girls. The program connects girls with college women and puts them on the path from the classroom to the boardroom-or any other path they choose to take.

The mission of Strong Women, Strong Girls is to build is to build upn the lessons learned by strong women throughout history to encourage girls and young women to become strong women themselves. By building communities of strong women committed to supporting positive social change, Strong Women, Strong Girls works to create cycles of mutual empowerment for women and girls.

In their Own Words: SWSG Leadership Team Share

"Strong Women, Strong Girls has had such a positive impact on me. The girls that we mentor truly appreciate and look forward to seeing us every week. We are really making a difference in their lives."
-Marissa Deasy, Point Park University

The Role of the SWSG Executive Board

The Executive Board is the leadership team that will support the success of the Point Park University Chapter of Strong Women, Strong Girls to exceed the national standards and support the sustainability of the organization on campus.

The general expectations of all members of the Executive Board are:
• Support the chapter
• Actively vote and participate in achieving chapter goals and strategies
• Communicate regularly with chapter directors and team as necessary
• Uphold and meet the roles and responsibility of board position
• Be the mission
• Be dedicated and enthusiastic
• Attendance at board meetings
• Act appropriately as a representative of SWSG on campus

Board Position Descriptions

Chapter Directors

The Chapter Director oversees all the activities of her SWSG chapter and serves as a liaison between the local office and the chapter. Chapter Directors are responsible for:
• Creating the vision for her SWSG Chapter on her campus
• Working with the Executive team to meet national, local and chapter goals,
• Attend regular meetings with SWSG Program Manager and campus advisor
• Hold the executive board accountable for all actions and chapter goals
• Schedule, plan and create the agenda for the weekly chapter meetings and Board Meetings
• Plan and invite chapter to commitment nights and mentor celebrations
• Enter attendance of chapter weekly meetings and Board meetings into Civicore
• Keep Volunteers motivated
• Make final selections of mentors
• Support the mentors, executive board and SWSG team as needed

United Student Government Representative

• Attend at least one United Student Government (USG) meeting per month
• Work closely with the financial coordinator about USG funding and grant requests
• Actively promote SWSG to USG board members
• Prepare a written or oral report for each board meeting about the USG relationship
• Actively ask for board approval on chapter activities

Marketing Coordinator

• Create and distribute for use a campus public service announcement
• Create and distribute flyers, posters and other marketing materials as needed
• Create and manage general awareness campaigns
• Seek publication opportunities throughout campus
• Work closely with Fundraising and Event Coordinator in creating uniform messages
• Understand the national branding guidelines

Financial Coordinator

• Ensure the annual budget, expenses and revenues are presented to the board monthly
• Prepare and submit reimbursement of chapter members
• Write and submit grants as applicable
• Prepare a written or oral report for each board meeting
• Actively ask for board approval on grant applications and monthly balances

Event Coordinator

• Plan, implement and execute the elementary girls field trip to campus
• Recruit volunteer mentors for each semester as needed
• Plan and organize information sessions about SWSG
• Work with the Financial Coordinator about annual budget and costs associated with each event
• Participate in the annual involvement fair on campus
• Prepare a written or oral report for each board meeting
• Actively ask for board approval on events, grants and fundraising strategies

Fundraising Coordinator

• Raise money for the chapter based on annual budget
• Plan campus wide fundraising events that align with our mission and culture
• Work closely with the Financial Coordinator about budgets
• Work closely with the Marketing Coordinator about promoting fundraising events
• Work closely with the Campus Coach to ensure fundraising events are approved by the university
• Prepare a written or oral report for each board meeting
• Actively ask for board approval on events, grants and fundraising strategies