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The Code of Student Conduct applies to all of the Point Park University students - full time, part time, commuter, residential, adult learning, etc. A student is defined as any person registered or enrolled in a University program or course of study at Point Park University, either full-time or part-time; any person who may not be enrolled for a particular term but has an ongoing relationship with the University; or any person notified of their acceptance for admission.

You can review the Code of Conduct online. You may pick up a hard copy at the Office of Student Conduct (711 Student Center), in the Office of Student Affairs (7th floor of the Student Center) or at the Office of Student Life on the first floor of Pioneer.

The incident report will go to the Office of Student Conduct. If you are required to follow-up, you will receive correspondence from either the Office of Student Conduct or a Student Life staff member. The correspondence may be in the form of a phone call, email (to your Point Park account), campus mail, postal mail or room delivery. If you are unsure as to what to do, call the Office of Student Conduct at 412-392-8029.

The meeting time was scheduled with your class schedule in mind. If you are unable to make the time, contact the person whom the letter came from using the phone number in letter to reschedule your meeting.

It is in your best interest to attend; however, you are not required to attend. If you do not attend, the proceeding will still take place. A decision will be made regarding your involvement and the sanction without your input. You forfeit your right to an appeal when you fail to attend your proceeding.

The University reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of the campus community. Such action may include taking disciplinary action against those students whose behavior off University premises constitutes a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

Students may be accountable both to civil authorities and to the University for acts that constitute violations of law and the Code of Student Conduct. Disciplinary actions at the University will not be subject to challenge on the grounds that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced or that no criminal charges have been brought. The two are separate processes.

A disciplinary conference will normally consist of an informal, non-adversarial meeting between the accused student and a University administrator as designated by the senior director of student conduct or designee. A charged student will have the opportunity to enter a plea for each charge, defend actions/behaviors, and provide fact-based witnesses and/or evidence. A separate meeting will be held to inform a student of sanctions.

You are entitled to reasonable access to your case file as per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Case files are retained in the Office of Student Conduct (711 Student Center). For a Disciplinary Conference, if you have questions about your case or would like to see your file, please set up a meeting with the senior director of student conduct (711 Student Center 412-392-8029) prior to your scheduled Disciplinary Conference. For a hearing, you are required to meet with the senior director of student conduct prior to the scheduled hearing. At that meeting, you will have reasonable access to your file.

Charged students will have the opportunity to call appropriate and relevant witnesses. It is expected that all witnesses will provide information that is true and correct. Any student who knowingly provides false information during a proceeding or hearing will be charged. Character witnesses are not permitted. Only witnesses that can speak first-hand about facts surrounding a case will be permitted to speak.

A charged student has the right to a support person of his/her choosing, but this person has no role in the proceeding and may not speak or address anyone but the person they are supporting.

In most cases, parents will not be notified about student conduct incidents. As stated in the Student Handbook under Parental Notification and Disclosure:

If a student is under 21 years old, Point Park University, through the Office of Student Affairs,may notify the student's parents or legal guardians regarding any violation of any federal, state, or local law or of any rule or policy of the University governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance, if the University determines that the student has committed a disciplinary violation with respect to such use or possession.

The Office of Student Conduct will not speak with anyone regarding details of an incident without written consent from the involved student. If you would like to fill out a FERPA release form so the Office of Student Conduct can speak with someone about your case, you may do so by going to the Office of Student Conduct in 711 Student Center.