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Criteria for expungement eligibility

Students may submit a petition to have their disciplinary file expunged. This is strictly a courtesy provided by Point Park University and is not a requirement of law.

Student Conduct record expungement will only be considered for students who did not receive suspension or expulsion and whose violations were determined to have not threatened or endangered the health or safety of any person. The present demeanor of the student; the conduct of the student subsequent to the violation; and the nature of the violation and the severity of any damage, injury, or harm resulting from it will also be considered.

At the time of consideration, the student must have earned 90 academic credits and achieved senior standing.

All sanctions must have been completed on time.

If a student violates a University policy after his or her record has been expunged their prior record will be reinstated and considered in future sanctioning.

Expungement request process

Expungement shall be at the sole discretion of the director of student conduct and shall require the entire record to be expunged or none of it to be expunged.

There is a possibility that that director of student conduct or designee may wish to meet with you to discuss your request.

If that is necessary, you will be contacted by phone to schedule the meeting. The final decision will be either mailed or emailed to the address provided on this form.

Please click the following link to find the Expungement Form.